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Robert Kiyosaki Says Financial Crash is Near

Robert Kiyosaki has come forward with a piece of shocking news, in which he reveals that the recent practices of the Federal Reserve in terms of issuing crackdown against inflation and other such policies are giving rise to the notion that a financial crash is imminent. 

Inflation has been whipping harshly at the back of the US economy, and as a result, the price of everything has been surging and going out of control. 

To bring the beast back into the bottle Federal Reserve has issued several policies that limit the overall interaction of the manufacturers and the distributors with selected goods, and each and everything that is part of the list is being strictly overwatched by the Fed.

According to the author of Rich Dad and Poor Dad, this thing is going to backfire pretty nastily, which means that there is a storm coming, and he is advising to brace against it by doubling down on Bitcoin and other commodities. 


The present policies of the Fed have surely issued some notion of relief as the rate of inflation has been declining at a fair rate, but then again, all of it seems to be short-term because as soon as the Fed nullifies these present policies, things are bound to go back to the way these were before the initiation of these policies. 

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Decentralization Makes Bitcoin Less Likely to Fail in Economic Crisis

During these uncertain times, Robert has advised people to stick with the basics, that is, to accumulate their wealth into commodities and such, and he has openly advised people to pour their money into crypto, especially Bitcoin.

Many people have found this a bit speculative as to why Robert has advised pouring money into Bitcoin, isn’t that a tanking ship? 

There has not been any improvement in terms of the price momentum or the daily trading volume increase for Bitcoin over the past few months, so why is Robert advising that people invest their money into crypto?

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Because of the decentralized nature of Bitcoin, says Robert, it has the ability to stand the test of time when things become uncertain, and everything else that is pegged against the dollar is failing.

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