Samsung Launches Non-Fungible Token Aggregation Platform

Colin Wu – a crypto-journalist from China – turned to his official Twitter account to share the link of an article authored by Engadget. As per the article, Samsung (a giant based in South Korea) is introducing a uniquely constructed NFT Aggregation venue aiming at the smart TVs thereof.

Samsung steps into the field of NFT

The consumers will be capable of reaching the latest venue on The Frame, Neo QLED, and MicroLed (the platform’s models for smart TVs). The customers will also be permitted to browse as well as purchase non-fungible tokens (NFTs). The NFT Aggregation venue provides Samsung users with NFTs out of several digital marketplaces which enable them to peep into NFTs, the author names, as well as the other relevant information including the DLT metadata and so on.

The owners of NFTs can utilize the latest venue of Samsung to present the digital riches thereof. Because of the “Smart Calibration” technology, the settings can be adjusted by smart TVs to render the image on TVs. The rest of the international business organizations are additionally moving towards NFTs. In October of the recent year, Wallester (a partner of Visa) recompensed approximately 3.05 ETH for the purchase of its initial series of 33 NFTs named Astro Bulls. In advance of that, Visa itself obtained the collection of Crypto Punks by recompensing $150,000 in return.

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Elon Musk ridiculing NFT skeptics

In the recent month, Elon Musk (the CEO of Tesla) shared some tweets, scorning those who are skeptical regarding the NFT space. Within these skeptics, a name is Keanu Reaves, a person who considers that it is easy to reproduce NFTs and fundamentally they are just a joke. Among the respective Twitter posts, Musk shared a meme that was showing a patient in a discussion with his psychiatrist where the latter inquires whether the imaginary NFTs are there with them in the room.

In another tweet, the CEO of Tesla made fun of the people who have some fundamental behavior regarding the NFTs (especially in the industry of music). He posted the cover of an album called Gorillaz that was issued in 2005. To remind that, a handful of musicians have in advance entered the NFT trend and started releasing albums and songs in the form of NFT. One of them is Grimes – the ex-girlfriend of Elon Musk – and some others such as Billy Gibbons, Ozzy Osbourne, Kings of Leon, and Tony Lanez (a rapper).

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