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Security Warning: ETH browser wallet is injecting malicious JS to steal secrets

An Ethereum Browser wallet has tried to inject into the malicious Javascript code in order to steal secrets.

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Shitcoin wallet that is working as a Chrome browser extension and a Desktop app for windows, has made an attempt to steal and scrape the data from other open windows.

Security expert warns about the breach

This breach has been noticed by a security expert Harry Denley. He identified the code and then warned about this potential breach in a tweet. He says that a crypto browser wallet has tried to inject into the JS in order to steal from some of the websites.

He also posted the Extention ID on Twitter that is “ExtensionID: ckkgmccefffnbbalkmbbgebbojjogffn”. He said that the Shitcoin wallet extension chrome downloaded several JS files from a remote server.

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Binance and IDEX were on the hit list

This crypto browser wallet has targeted several crypto websites. Binance and IDEX crypto exchanges were on the hit list of this code. The other websites that were on the target list of code are MyEtherWallet, NEO Tracker, and Switcheo. The code specifically looks for the password and private keys.

The code first finds out the browser windows that are opened on several websites and then attempts to scrape data and secrets from them. And after scraping the data it sends it to the remote server that is

Shitcoin wallet is covered by insurance as its website claims. And the website also stated that you do not need to worry about any hacking activity because your private keys are stored in your local PC.


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