Silk Road Founder NFT Collection Launch Sparks Controversy

Supporters Of Ross Ulbricht want the convicted Silk Road founder to generate the money to fight for his freedom and achieve his goals. Some others believe the man should have nothing to do with NFTs. These agitations come as the founder of the now Inactive Silk Road, Ross Ulbricht, disclosed that he will be launching his NFT collection tomorrow.

Ulbricht disclosed the information on his Twitter page run by supporters. The man known for being an early believer in cryptocurrency revealed that he would be auctioning his NFT collection for a week from the 2nd of December to the 8th of December. The NFT collection is named the Ross Ulbricht Genesis collection, and the sale is to be carried out on the Superare NFT marketplace. 

The collection will comprise 11 artworks made by Ulbricht himself and converted into NFTs by his supporters. The artworks will chronicle his life growing up to his time in prison. The works start with depictions of characters that influenced Ulbricht growing up and gradually capture his court appearances and experience in prison.

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The funds raised will be added to the fund to push the efforts for Ulbricht’s release and support a charity called Art4Giving. The charity is aimed at helping to alleviate the plight of people in prison and their families outside. Ulbricht came to the limelight in the world of crypto when he was accused of running the dark web website Silk Road. 

Thoughts By Supporters

Silk Road opened in February of 2011. The marketplace allowed people to purchase commodities using Bitcoin; these included items considered illegal. The announcement has sparked a lot of conversations on the internet. Some support Ulbricht, while some do not. 

The founder of, Francis Pouliot, revealed that he supports Ulbricht but has reservations about using NFT for sale. Similar sentiments were also shared by people who can be described as Bitcoin extremists who were not excited by the concept of NFTs. A Twitter handle, @vladenhawk, said he could stomach certain illicit activities and trades but could not tolerate NFTs.

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Well known host of UpOnly TV reminded Bitcoin fanatics that even though Ulbricht was using NFTs to raise funds, he played an important role in bringing Bitcoin to the limelight and mainstream. The controversial effort to get him released is the latest in a series of steps to free Ross. Ulbricht was sentenced to jail for life twice with an extra 40 years with no parole.

Other Efforts And Mechanisms Employed To Get Ross Ulbricht Free

Many individuals and organizations think that Ulbricht’s sentence was unfair and believe that it needs redress. A clemency petition was raised for Ross. The petition has gotten about 500k signatures already. It has been six years since the sentence, but his friends and family are showing no signs of letting up in their efforts to get him out.

At the time when the judgment was passed, many expressed shock at the sentence. Many felt sentences like these should be reserved for repeat offenders. Many within his inner circle still believe that he is not guilty.

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