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Skrill Partners With Coinbase To Allow US Residents To Buy BTC

Skrill, a digital wallet service produced by PaySafe, joins forces with massive crypto trade platform Coinbase to allow trading of cryptocurrency using the Skrill wallet. Trading of many top cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and many more will be supported because of Coinbase’s already well-established connections. Skrill’s upgraded features will be available in around 37 states of the USA with support for more expected eventually.

Both buying and selling will be available at the time of upgrade deployment. This is a huge move played by Skrill as it will not only help them spread into the crypto space but also around the world. It is still unsure whether Skrill will plan global support for crypto trade, but it seems obvious that the service will eventually push to move its crypto trading feature to a global level.

Skrill and Crypto

With this alliance, Skrill users will be able to take advantage of the trading opportunities that the digital wallet will bring. The rise of crypto is surely not a joke, and with more and more organizations surrendering to its might, it was essential for Skrill to upgrade its system to support cryptocurrency. E-commerce platforms that support Skrill payments will also benefit from this as customers may potentially buy items using Bitcoin, contributing to a wealthy inventory.

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The biggest live streaming platform, Twitch, also supports Skrill wallet, which means that fans and viewers will be able to Subscribe, Donate and buy twitch bits to support their favorite streamers, paying the charges using Bitcoin as well as standard currency, providing viewers immense flexibility in payment methods.

Remarks from the CEO

CEO of Skrill, Lorenzo Pellegrino, has said that this new partnership is essential for the wallet to keep up with the fast-growing interest of cryptocurrency in the industry. Lorenzo gave importance to the point that the demand for cryptocurrency has expanded globally, which means that it might potentially be the future ace of payment methods.

Adding to that, Lorenzo also stated that cryptocurrency has become a necessity, and Skrill must have support for it to survive in the evolving industry. As of now, the crypto trade feature by Skrill is already launched on the Website version. The support for Skrill’s mobile application is coming soon, expected to be upgraded around April of 2021.

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