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Solana Network Reportedly Suffers A DDoS Attack Again

Another DDoS (distributed denial-of-service) attack has preyed on the Solana blockchain on Tuesday morning. Nonetheless, the network appears to be in a good position at present. The respective event is considered as the third such occasion in recent months.

The tryst of Solana with DDoS

As per Colin Wu – a well-known journalist from China – Solana was under attack on 4th January. The invader was alleged to have had been utilizing spam to execute the DDoS attack. It took nearly four hours to bring the network back online.  A DDoS assault usually obstructs a network via making several requests to the web resources of the victim and hampers the venue’s normal operations. Although no official particulars have been provided on the behalf of the Solana Foundation to confirm the incident, the event counts as the third of its kind during the recent six months.

Apart from this, many Twitter accounts emphasized that an utter slowdown was experienced by the network of Solana. The r/CryptoCurrency subreddit’s participants also discussed the respective matter and declared that the shortcoming of the network’s ecosystem can take to the bereavement of serious traders. A post noted that it is certainly dishonest to blame the attackers for these attacks. A blockchain that is well designed should not supposedly have such attackers. It should continuously produce blocks according to the parameters set by the network. It should not stop its process of producing blocks due to the spamming of someone over the transactions.

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The technological promises of Solana

As pointed out in the above-made discussion, the respective event is not the initial one where some DDoS attack has targeted the network. It has been reported that the network underwent irregular instability for 45 minutes during September of 2021. Simultaneously, the validators of Solana were being prepared for a unique release in advance of being attacked by an outage of 17 hours because of the enormous botting operation for an IDO over Raydium (a Solana-based DEX).

Although no potential loss of funds was witnessed and the network returned to its normal complete functionality, the whole fiasco allured a few grave criticisms as the developers concluded to resume the activities of the network. After three months, another DDoS attack aimed at the network of Solana, and the network even then managed to remain online. Notwithstanding the experience of such heavy congestion, Raj Gokal (the co-founder of the network) made it clear that the network did not suffer from any DDoS attack.

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