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South Korean Government Worried About the Safety of Cryptocurrency Exchanges from North Korean Hackers

Since the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry came into being, there have been many topics in discussions. There has been so much difference of opinions regarding many things and policies related to the crypto-blockchain industry. However, there is one particular topic that has led all crypto-analysts and commentators to think unanimously.

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The main concern at present is none other than North Korea and its Supreme Leader, Kim Jong-Un. Till now there have been many discussions related to North Korea. The South Korean Government officials are worried and are in talks to find a solution to one big problem. And that is the constant interference of North Korean hackers into the South Korean crypto-exchanges.

The hackers from North Korea have been reported several times for constantly making attempts to steal crypto-assets from South Korean Crypto-exchanges.

Just recently, the Financial Services Commission made it very clear that they do not see it to be their problem at all. The FSC reverted back with this statement against the written inquiry requested by the Political Affairs Committee of South Korea’s National Assembly.

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The reply from the Financial Services Commission (FSC) was very abrupt and straight-forward. As per FSC, they will not be doing any investigation regarding crypto-hacks and loss of assets. They stated that they are not responsible for doing any investigation against the involvement of North Korean hackers in the hacks.

The Financial Services Commission (FSC) cleared that the cryptocurrency assets are not a part of their jurisdiction. Based on this fact, they are not required to perform any inquiries on cyber-hacks or Lazarus, which is the most notorious North Korean team of hackers.

The FSC further stated that this matter should be taken up by the Korea Communications Commission (KCC) and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The FSC stated that they are the ones responsible for taking it up with the North Korean commissions. They need to sit together and find a solution to this problem once and for all.

However, the KCC and the Foreign Ministry of South Korea believe that it should be FSC who needs to investigate in this matter.

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Bentley is a cryptocurrency enthusiast and trader, his articles are news and platform review based. His writings are brought to you through his 10 years of experience in the cryptocurrency markets.

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