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Start your Career in the Crypto Industry with the help of Althash University

Blockchain technology is definitely in the spotlight right now, and it only took 12 years to get the attention it deserves.

It started as an economic revolution against centralized financial entities, and now it is expected to overcome the fiat system way sooner than initially thought.

With big investors like Elon Musk boarding on the Bitcoin hype, many business persons are now planning to launch companies backed by blockchain. This results in a great need for people to help them make their crypto idea into reality.

So, if you are looking for a career change, why not join a $600 billion industry – that will change the way we see digital money forever.

But watch out, it’s not that simple.

Like any other job industry, you have competition – therefore, you need to stand out. Set up your knowledge base, get your certifications, and show the employers you are the specialist they need.

And there’s no better way to do that than signing up for Althash University.

What is Althash University?

Althash University is an online learning platform specialized in crypto knowledge developed by the HTMLCOIN Foundation.

It has no less than 25 teachers ready to explain everything you need to know before working in the crypto industry. Each of the teachers has vast experience in a particular field, and we’re talking about big names like Manoel Belem and Brenton Naiker.

The team has been educating crypto enthusiasts for the past 1.5 years for free, with courses adapted to students’ interests and experience.

They are best known for their ladderized program, designed for newcomers who don’t have any particular background in blockchain technology and want to become experts.

However, after students complete the courses, they will not only understand this technology’s core concepts or analyze use case applications. The students will be able to easily create software apps through a smart contract, besides many other things, in just a couple of weeks.

Right now, Althash University has three main courses:

1. The Blockchain Studies course

This program explains all the basic concepts of blockchain technology in just two weeks, alongside its history and best practices. At the end of the program, the students will get a certificate according to completion level.

2. The Decentralized Applications course

The most pursued one.

DeFi has an immense impact on the acceptance of cryptocurrencies because it makes possible the complete transition from centralized to decentralized entities. Five years ago, nobody thought that yield farming, for example, will ever be possible on the blockchain.

And now, almost all the bank activities can be reproduced more safely and quickly. It won’t be long before DeFi real estate loans become a thing.

To make the program easier to understand, the university uses its own Althash platform for student practice. At the end of the program, students will be able to:

  • Comprehend blockchain use cases;
  • Investigate future uses for blockchain;
  • Build Althash Web Apps to access Dapps;
  • Recognize possible blockchain community use.

3. The Blockchain Programming course

This is a more advanced learning program that will require some programming knowledge to succeed. At the end of the courses, students will be able to create their own tokens and elaborate simulated use case.

Besides those, the university also teaches cryptocurrency studies, as well as analytics and trading. All of these courses are certified and backed up by experienced teachers, in partnership with companies like PAXFUL, making the learning process smooth and practical.


HTMLCOIN is the GAS (native cryptocurrency) that powers all transactions on the Althash blockchain.
Originally launched in 2014 as a bitcoin clone, the team has since adopted features of Bitcoin Core & Ethereum in August 2017 making it a hybrid blockchain. So far, it has developed no less than ten crypto wallets and five active Dapps while teaching crypto enthusiasts everything they need to get a job in this domain.

The company is actively involved in promoting blockchain, trying to inspire people to lose digital anxiety and go for a safer and healthier financial system.

“Our vision is to see a world where people utilize blockchain technology as freely as they currently do the camera to take a selfie.” – Amando Boncales, Founder & CEO

And what’s great about HTMLCOIN is that they never stop updating their services and developing new ones. The most notable ones are the following:

  • Providing seven new specialized courses on Althash University;
  • Creating a DApp that allows for the creation of digital birth certificates;
  • Continued exploration of other blockchain use-cases;
  • Introducing the HRC-20 token on exchange platforms;

But those are just a few of dozen ideas ready to be implemented, bringing closer to a world without centralized entities.

Now that you know who is behind Althash University, don’t lose the chance to learn from experts and be a significant part of the crypto success!

Stay up to date with their courses and follow them on social media to never lose the limited places:








Bentley Kapoor (India)

Bentley is a cryptocurrency enthusiast and trader, his articles are news and platform review based. His writings are brought to you through his 10 years of experience in the cryptocurrency markets.

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