Stellar to giveaway 2 billion XLM of worth $120M through Airdrop Program

The strategic partnership between Stellar Foundation and Keybase has resulted into a largest airdrop of worth $120 through XLM that will continue in the upcoming 20 months.

It is said that this is the biggest airdrop scheme on the part of the Stellar Development Foundation (SDF) in the past five years with a total distribution of 2 billion XLM in 20 months that counts 100 million tokens in one month.

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The company guaranteed the giveaway of the first three months and next will be scheduled based on the success level as said by Cathy Corwin, a staff member at Inkhouse, Keybase.

Keybase Account is necessary to participate in the Program

According to the official document released:

All you have to do is have an authenticated Keybase account, and your XLM will appear in your wallet – automatically, every month, for as long as the airdrop continues

Keybase is a messaging and file transfer network and currently, have 300,000 users registered on the network. Both firms have worked together in the past and have a good experience; it is also expected that this agreement will also end at a better result.

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Adoption of XLM

This airdrop is not just for the sake to seek the crypto community towards the underlying blockchain technology of Stellar but it is also the motive of the company to parcel the tokens in the hands of real people, ones who deserve the crypto. Denelle Dixon, the CEO of Stellar Foundation said:

Our focus is global financial inclusion using blockchain and other technologies, focusing on the unbanked, and so from our standpoint, what this kind of thing does as an airdrop, is it actually brings more attention to the ability for technologies like this to be able to effectuate nicely, cleanly and efficiently, cross-border transactions to help the unbanked and others out there in the world.

Creation of Digital Economy

Jed McCaleb, the co-founder of XLM said this will help in creating a digital economy across the globe:

Giving away lumens [XLM] for free is an invitation to communities to design the services they need. Our hope is to eventually have global citizens own and use lumens, in both developing and developed economies.

If we spread out insights in the past, we come to know that in 2018, SDF collaborated with a prominent crypto wallet Blockchain and distributed XLM of worth $125 in through an airdrop program.

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See the official announcement here

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