StormX Now Allows Users to Earn Cryptocurrency Cashback on Walmart Purchases

According to an announcement made on August 14, the blockchain-based loyalty platform StormX has moved a step forward towards the mainstream adoption by adding cryptocurrency cashback on the retailing giant Walmart’s purchases. By onboarding Walmart, StormX will allow its users to earn cryptocurrency cashback while making purchases at Walmart.

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A cashback of 4% in cryptocurrency on Walmart purchases

Users of StormX have been given the opportunity to earn cryptocurrency through its cashback program while shopping at the retail firm Walmart. Users can earn a cryptocurrency cashback of up to 4% on purchases they will make at Walmart. Moreover, those users who belong to the Diamond category will have the advantage to get up to 14% on their purchases.

Walmart’s integration with StormX will bring advantages for its shoppers as they can also earn extra money through this cashback program. However, for this, they will have to sign up with StormX to become eligible for the reward.

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The CEO of StormX Simon Yu says that they expect more users to come and take benefit from their reward program after forming a partnership with Walmart. Yu stated:

“Walmart is synonymous with choice and value, and we are thrilled to further incentivize users to shop there. As the only crypto cashback program for Walmart worldwide, we are confident that users will take advantage of the rewards program to earn their favorite cryptocurrency while shopping at their favorite retailer.”

StormX now enters into Walmart’s customer base

StormX has already integrated with various other stores before Walmart which include Microsoft, Samsung, eBay, Target, Adidas, and Dell. Currently, this blockchain-based loyalty platform has around 650 partners in total and the retail firm Walmart is the latest one to join this pool.

Now, StormX has entered into the large customer base of Walmart. Speaking of Walmart’s customer base, there are more than 265 million customers who enjoy the service of Walmart every week. Purchases are made in 27 countries at around 11,500 stores reportedly. By storming into the user base of Walmart, StormX is more likely going to get mainstream adoption.

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