Student Coin Platform Is Showing Greater Performance Than Expected

Crypto platform Student Coin has reportedly been showing impressive numbers in popularity recently. The blockchain platform allows anyone to design, create and manage NFT and DeFi tokens while also targeting the academic sector for knowledge seekers. The platform was first founded in Poland by a group of students who initialized a token named ALK Student Coin, later changed to Student Coin back in 2019 in hopes of growing its user base. As of now, the platform has managed to gain a user base of over 10k users and around 450 partnerships with selected institutions.

How does STC work?

The ability to make custom tokens is enabled by the implementation of two specific blockchains, Ethereum, and Waves, into the STC network. Both take part in providing key features to STC, where Ethereum provides the ability to trade around tokens, while Waves provides the ability of token creation. As for defending the blockchain network, Student Coin uses DPoS to provide the network with a robust security solution.

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Furthermore, the platform also provides educational information and full-fledged courses on cryptocurrency on its website, which helps users to learn the best trading strategies and use them to excel over others. As the name suggests, the platform is targeted at students who are interested in getting involved in the crypto space in hopes of gaining the significant experience required to become successful crypto traders or analysts.

There are several pathways that students can choose according to their interests. Pathways include the cryptocurrency generation process, crypto-based network security, and investment handling. The courses are designed to be easy to understand and to be effective in the learning process.

Adding to that, Student Coin also has plans to create its own exchange, which will allow users to gain access to all sorts of different cryptocurrencies for trading purposes. This exchange is expected to launch in the latter part of the year 2021. This will also allow users to easily list their newly created tokens on the exchange, making them eligible to trade for other tokens. Another feature is STC’s own wallet which helps in the easy storage and management of tokens and currencies.

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Looking at all of this impressive feature set, we can say that there is no doubt that Student Coin (STC) is on the verge of becoming one of the most successful crypto platforms, not only providing utility but also providing the knowledge of trade for those who are interested in seeking it.

MubaShar Nawaz (United Arab Emirates)

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