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Suspect Sent To Jail For Purchasing Bioweapon With Bitcoin

With everyone already knowing that illegalities would continue to abide in the crypto sector, it is only up to the regulators to fish the perpetrators out. Most traders have had to leave the booming sector due to the ills that have been carried out in the sector. Ranging from scams to hack and other forms of malicious acts, the sector continues to make the news for the wrong reasons.

In recent light, the United States police have announced that it has arrested a suspect perpetuating a malicious act with Bitcoin. This has been the case in the sector for a long time as most of these actors bank on the anonymity of the crypto asset to carry out these acts.

William wanted to harm his ex-girlfriend

In the update that was released, the said man would spend nothing less than 12 years in prison for the act that he committed. Giving an insight into the act, the police mentioned that the man in question made an advert, purchased chemical weapons, and paid the seller with Bitcoin. The police also mentioned that the man initially tried to purchase the chemical weapon on two unsuccessful occasions. It was the third trial that landed the culprit in the lair of the authorities.

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The person in question, William Siesser, also confessed that the real reason he purchased the weapon was that he wants to harm a lady that decided to end their previous relationship. The DOJ also buttressed on this but claiming that they found numerous incriminating writings that claimed that William was distraught with the way his relationship ended with the lady in question.

Bitcoin still the most used asset on the dark web

Giving his side of the story, William said that he tried to make the first purchase on June 14 and the second trial came on August 23 of 2018. He also said that he didn’t use his name but chose to fill in a name that belonged to a teen in Juvenile and entered a fake address. Asides from that, William said that he has also previously made an order for a very bad chemical that could wipe out many people in one fell swoop.

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On his first try on June 14, William was said to have told the sender to send about 10 millimeters of the bioweapon, but the seller failed to deliver the package. At the second trial, William also bought the same quantity of the weapon but paid $150 worth of Bitcoin this time. After he got the package, William was said to have hidden it somewhere, and when authorities came in with a search warrant, he was arrested for the offense.

Even though the amount of Bitcoin being exchanged on the dark web has declined, the digital asset is still the most prevalent in the marketplace. The marketplace is notorious for the kinds of illegal goods and services they sell; such is why William could get access to buy toxic chemicals.

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