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‘Sweeping’ Executive Order to Control Artificial Intelligence Given by Biden Administration

An executive order has been provided by the White House, which entails a 26-point mandate for companies working on AI.

President Biden’s administration is implementing interventions to control artificial intelligence (AI). Today, an executive order containing a sweeping 26-point mandate for companies working on artificial intelligence was given by the White House. 

The points range from alleviating AI’s desire for discrimination to encouraging developers to ‘disclose their safety test findings and other crucial data to the United States government.’

White House Issues Sweeping Executive Order for AI

Every point is categorized into eight groups, and all seek to ensure the utilization of artificial intelligence to take full advantage of its alleged benefits and reduce any risks.

Besides, the order is meant to place the United States at the forefront of defining artificial intelligence and ensuring nonstop research within its borders while also safeguarding the United State’s privacy.

With several large language models (LLMs) leveraging information from all aspects of people’s digital lives, user privacy is a crucial sticking point amid AI’s rise. A president gives an executive order to improve the planning of resources in the United States government toward a particular goal. 

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Despite having the weight of law, indicating the government should stick to the order, future presidents can alter it. Alternatively, a court can overturn it.

The order focuses on critical concerns regarding safeguarding employees and displacements linked to the technology. This may entail reinforcing federal support for displaced employees and banning companies from underpaying their workers because of artificial intelligence. 

The order also underscores the increased prevalence of artificial intelligence-enabled deception and fraud and the need to create content verification and watermarking to label content generated using the technology vividly.

Biden Administration Seeks to Develop Strategies for Controlling AI

In May, the United States government was at the core of one of the greater-profile impacts of artificial intelligence-created content. 

The circulation of an image of billowing smoke adjacent to the White House, as well as assertions of ‘explosions rocking close to the Pentagon building,’ resulted in the stock market plunging double digits. 

Afterward, it was established that the image was made using artificial intelligence. This is not the first time the United States government has aimed to control talks surrounding AI. 

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In July, President Biden’s administration revealed it had received ‘voluntary dedications’ from some of AI’s biggest names, including Meta, OpenAI, and Microsoft. Similar to today’s executive order, the commitments centered on reducing hazards linked to the technology. 

In the summer, more artificial intelligence and AI-adjacent companies, such as Adobe and Nvidia, became part of the initiative.

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