Swiss Investment Firm is Set to Promote Massive Adoption of Crypto Through Exchange Products

FiCAS which is a Swiss crypto investment firm that is involved in activities such as managing and operating Bitcoin Capital Active Exchange Traded Product (BTCA) believes that it could facilitate the mass adoption of crypto through its exchange products which are evidently traded with it. The Swiss exchange firm also said that it has the capability of and is fully equipped to inject funds to almost 15 different cryptocurrencies as well as fiat.

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In an interview recorded with the Cointelegraph one of the directors of the company Mr. Daniel Diemers has said that the products introduced by FiCAS are necessary if crypto is to be adopted massively if Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash wants to maintain its dominance in the world of crypto for a long time in the future. He further said that exchange products offered under the banner of FiCAS are easily tradable products and since for the time being Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash remain the most invested crypto assets therefore it is essential that more and more exchange products are introduced for both for allowing people to massively adopt crypto.

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Dimmers also apprised there is an obvious advantage over similar products because the handler can simultaneously supply funds to fiat and crypto at his will and discretion. He further mentioned that like in all businesses of the world, FiCAS focusses on different elements that are considered necessary such as analysis relating to fundamentals, technical, sentiment, and lastly the agency model. According to recent surveys and statistics, it is evident that the majority of investors have been seen putting their investment into Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Ethereum, averaging up to 83%, 12%, and 1% respectively.

In the first place, BTCA was issued with the capped value of 100 Swiss Francs and with the passage of time arisen up to 10% in value.

According to news, FiCAS is undergoing the process, where the focus is more towards Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash for the purposes of mass adoption of crypto through its exchange products. While Ethereum is not under its consideration so much.

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