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Tensions Escalate Between Apple and Coinbase

Very recently Apple Inc. has banned various features of the Coinbase app relating to cryptocurrency including a permanent ban on adding the app designed by Coinbase within its iOS system which could have been used for gaining access to DeFI apps and can be used simultaneously for the purpose of making extra money through the use of cryptocurrency.

Brian Armstron who is currently the Chief Executive Officer of Coinbase, which is a crypto-based exchange, is facing a difficult time where it has remained unable to upload certain functionalities in the iOS system which needs approval from the Apple Inc. However, Apple Inc. has straightforwardly refused to allow such functionalities to take place within its operating system alleging that its system might become prone to certain risks.

Though many other companies share the same problem, however, they never spoke in public against Apple Inc. Apparently Coinbase responded very openly wherein its CEO addressed categorically on his official Twitter account that they have tried to settle the matter with Apple Inc. for which purpose the upper management was also contacted but it seems that Apple Inc. is not paying any heed to their requests.

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Armstrong heavily criticized the management of Apple for not allowing the users to earn extra cash during these hard times when everybody is trying hard to cope and survive against the Covid-19 crisis. He said that there are people in the world who cannot afford to buy a house or start their business and keeping in view this, Coinbase had introduced an app that had enormous potential in helping those who could have derived benefits from the app for improving their lives.

Gabor Gurbacs, who is the director and digital asset strategist aVaneck and MVIS said that Apple is an independent company which has its own rules and policies and maintains its very own Appstore therefore it is the exclusive right of Apple to allow or refuse anyone to add or delete applications from and within its iOS system. The Appstore is lawfully owned and controlled by and in possession of Apple Inc. and therefore is not a public utility.

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However, the tensions continue to escalate among the two.

Bentley Kapoor (India)

Bentley is a cryptocurrency enthusiast and trader, his articles are news and platform review based. His writings are brought to you through his 10 years of experience in the cryptocurrency markets.

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