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Ternion Exchange Review – Things to Know Before Signing Up

You might have heard of Ternion Exchange because nowadays this name is circulating in the crypto market. Ternion Exchange is a full-fledged crypto-fiat exchange that offers various trading solutions to traders.

This reliable, licensed, and hybrid crypto exchange is accelerating the cryptocurrency adoption by increasing the accessibility to cryptocurrency markets. Let’s see what we can get to know about this exchange.


Here is what we are going to discuss today:

  • About Ternion Exchange
  • Exchange Trading
  • Margin Trading
  • How to start trading with Ternion
  • Available Platforms for trading
  • Supported currencies
  • Fees and limits
  • Supported payment methods
  • Ternion Security
  • Customer support
  • Why choose the Ternion exchange?
  • Conclusion

About Ternion Exchange

Ternion Exchange is a crypto marketplace with deliverable exchange and margin trading. It is a comprehensive trading solution for the trader that provides crypto-to-fiat, fiat-to-crypto, and crypto-to-crypto trading.

The Ternion Exchange is a licensed,regulated, and hybrid exchange that is based in Estonia and provides the best conditions for margin and deliverable trading of cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies.

Ternion is basically a group of companies that form a full-fledged crypto-fiat exchange. It is formed by Ternion OU and Ternion LTD.

It creates the most powerful trading environment, unlike the first wave crypto exchanges. Ternion processes millions of orders and here, the orders are executed in milliseconds.

Ternion exchange offers two types of trading: exchange/deliverable trading and Margin trading.

1. Exchange Trading

Exchange Trading is trading with the actual delivery of an asset that allows users to buy or sell one asset for another. It is the most convenient way to buy or sell bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Exchange trading is also known as deliverable trading and is done without using leverage. As the leverage is not used, therefore, full self-financing of exchange is required.

With deliverable trading, clients can only trade the assets and volumes that they have on their balance. Apart from this, in exchange trading verification is required for crypto-fiat pairs when you want to deposit or withdraw fiat.

2. Margin Trading

Margin trading is opposite to the exchange or deliverable trading. It is leveraged trading without the actual delivery of an asset. Margin trading is used to get profits from price movements.

This type of trading involves the use of leverage. For example, $100 is the margin requirement for Bitcoin. This means that in order to open one Bitcoin position, an amount of $100 is required.

As compared to Exchange trading, in margin trading, clients or users are allowed to trade with any assets permitted for trading. Also, the verification is only required for deposit/withdrawal by fiat.

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How to start trading with Ternion

In order to start trading with Ternion Exchange, you have to register an account and then deposit money by using any of the available deposit methods. When you have deposited your money then you can start trading your digital assets with Ternion Exchange by using various trading options.

With Ternion, users buy, sell, and exchange their crypto assets and fiat currencies. Ternion does not buy or sell assets rather all the transactions take place between users. Ternion finds the best and suitable offers for users.

Available Platforms for trading

Deliverable and Margin trading is done with the trading platforms available on Ternion Exchange. Apart of custom made WebTrading interface, users can trade on any device using MetaTrader5. For retail customers, the followings are the available platform:

  • WEB MT5
  • MT5 for Windows
  • Mobile MT5 for Android/IOS
    REST API/WebSocket

While for institutional customers, these are additional available platforms:

  • PrimeXM

Supported currencies

On Ternion Exchange, both fiat and cryptocurrencies are supported. The supported fiat currencies are USD and EURO. Meanwhile,Ternion supports a wide range of cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Ripple (XRP), Ethereum Classics (ETC), etc.

Fees and limits

Ternion exchange fees are suitable as compared to other exchanges.Fiat deposit/withdrawal fees depend upon the use of the payment method. Following is the overall trading fees schedule:

For Makers: Ternion exchange pays 0.03% for executed limit Maker orders.

Taker fees: Ternion charge 0.08% for Taker orders.

Swap fees: Swap fees are applied only to margin trading. Swap fees are charged four times a day at 00.00, 6.00, 12.00 and 18.00 by UTC.

While the availability of deposit/withdrawal method and limits are based on the verification levels.

Supported payment methods

Various payment methods are supported on the Ternion exchange. The accepted fiat deposit methods are SEPA, SWIFT, and Credit Card while the accepted fiat withdrawal methods are SEPA and SWIFT.

Ternion Security

Security matters a lot in the world of crypto trading. The first priority of Ternion exchange is the security of funds and the protection of users’ personal data. Hence, it provides the safest environment for trading.

The security team of Ternion uses security measures such as the use of Multisignature cold wallets to preserve most of clients’ means, while only instant trading amount is kepton hot wallets, two-factor verification channel is highly recommended to every starting trader. Also, Ternion supports SSL certificate, IP whitelists, etc. All sensitive data is thoroughly encrypted. The Ternion security team constantly improves these security measures in order to avoid any illegal activity.

Customer support

Ternion exchange is good at providing customer support. It provides two-level support that separates general and urgent issues of users. Ternion provides the 24/7 premium-level support to its customers by online ticket-system. You can contact the customer support team by filling in the form and then logging into the personal area. This will require the verification of e-mail.

Why choose the Ternion exchange?

The special thing about the Ternion exchange is that it provides a wide range of facilities and advantages to its users. These facilities prompt users to choose the Ternion exchange:

  • Ternion exchange offers an affiliate program that helps traders to get discounts and rewards.
  • It provides the facility of exchange and margin trading.
  • You can trade on any device such as Windows or Android/IOS.
  • Fees are suitable as compared to other crypto exchanges.
  • Provides security of funds with various security measures and protects the information of clients.
  • 24/7 premium-level support is given to customers.

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It is difficult to find an exchange like Ternion that offers crypto-to-fiat, fiat-to-crypto, and crypto-to-crypto trading. With Ternion Exchange, you enjoy different trading types such as margin trading and exchange trading, best USD, ETH, and BTC prices, fast and secure verification process. In short, Ternion exchange fulfills all the needs of a trader and by joining Ternion exchange, you may get the best bitcoin or crypto trading experience of your life.


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