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Tesla and Bitcoin Are the Most Viewed Assets in America Claims Trading View

The year 2020 has proved to be a standout year so far for the world’s largest cryptocurrency Bitcoin (BTC) as well as for Billionaire Elon Musk’s Tesla (TSLA). According to the latest data shared by the charting platform Trading View, both of these assets are the most viewed assets in America. This means that throughout the United States of America (USA), people are showing the most interest in Bitcoin and Tesla.

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Bitcoin and Tesla: US Traders’ Favorite Assets

The charting site Trading View has presented July figures in its latest report and claims that the leading digital currency Bitcoin (BTC) and Tesla (TSLA) have appeared to be the favorite assets of traders in the United States. According to Trading View, the most viewed assets in America, throughout the whole month of July, were Tesla and Bitcoin.

Trading View said:

“Throughout July, Tesla was the most viewed stock in 31 states. Bitcoin was not far behind. Since the start of the year, Tesla’s stock has almost tripled in price. Meanwhile Bitcoin is up 60% year-to-date. Our findings also show the South East favors Forex and the West Coast states of California, Washington, and Oregon lean toward Bitcoin. The west coast loves crypto the most.”

Both Bitcoin and Tesla have shown tremendous growth in 2020

Since the beginning of the year 2020, both of the assets Bitcoin (BTC), as well as Tesla (TSLA), have shown tremendous growth in their price value so far. Tesla’s stock was standing at $402 when the year was started. But now it has climbed as high as $1,660. This is a potential price growth shown by TSLA.

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While on the other hand, the top-ranked digital currency Bitcoin has also made some positive moves during this whole time. At the start of the year, Bitcoin’s price was standing at $7,400 but now it is holding at around $11,700. This standout performance of Tesla and Bitcoin caught the attention of traders in the United States.


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