The Flare Community Wants Doge To Be Added In Recent Poll

The flare community is extensively expanding its reach and regularly adding new cryptocurrency to its network. The network’s official handle put up a Twitter voting session that attracted 11,546 votes in total. Based on the voting statistics, the majority want Flare to add Doge to the network. Voters, who wished for the new addition, made up 53.1% of the voters, while those who did not want it were 46.9%.

Despite the comparative figures, there is a huge possibility that the network would add the memecoin to the platform. Doge has a fascinating history because it wasn’t originally a digital asset. The crypto community on Twitter created the trend, following the massive creation of different coins. The meme had Doge in a bid to make fun of the large volumes of new cryptos.

The Flare network team asks for the community’s opinion

The flare network recently hinted at having another airdrop for XRP holders. The holders must possess the Rippleworks account, another account under the Ripple team. After the new airdrop’s announcement, the flare network asked for the crypto community on Twitter’s opinion.

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Following the poll, the votes showed that the majority of the voters wanted the new addition. Elon Musk spoke on Dogecoin last year while criticizing Bitcoin for being as useless as fiat currency. Musk voiced his preference for the coin, which boosted the asset’s shares within some minutes after the billionaire praised the crypto.

The poll which the flare team organized on the 21st of January asked if people wanted Doge to be part of the existing flare assets. The team contributed immensely to XRP tokens’ popularity, especially after it announced the crypto’s airdrop that slightly grew prices with the new volumes coming in for XRPs.

Unfortunately, the price growth was short-lived because after the increase came the suit that currently threatens the token’s existence. A US regulatory body alleged that the Ripple team did not register the token, which they sold to numerous investors.

Flare network adds new cryptos

Before the voting, the network revealed that Litecoin would be its new addition. Following the announcement, the flare team hinted at organizing an airdrop for LTC, but plans are not absolute.

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Amidst all team preparations, the CEO clarified that crypto protocols must be valuable to work efficiently. Hugo Philion said that the asset should bring value to Flare. He prioritized value by saying that bringing in value allows other markets to come to the network quickly.

The official flare account has a notable amount of followers, showing that many crypto members were aware of the poll. Apart from the Doge voting, the handle organized another vote, asking the network’s preferred addition. The majority chose XLM.

Coincidentally, Ryan Prentiss spoke on the coin, and a few days later, the network’s officials organized the poll. The network revealed that it would add smart contracts abilities for both Ethereum and XRP in recent announcements. Speaking on the new token linked to XRP, the team explained that it would have its unique function.

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