How to Trade THL to BTC Step by Step Guide

VinDAX Lists THLToken (THL) on 2019/08/07 08:00 UTC

VinDAX will open trading for THL/BTC trading pairs on 2019/08/07 08:00 UTC. Users can now start depositing THLToken (THL) in preparation for trading.

What i should do before 2019/08/07 08:00 UTC?

Step by Step Guide to Trade THL


  • Create an account on vindax exchange
  • From main menu go to Funds
  • Click on  deposits
  • Now Check the option Select desposit coin


  • Search for THL

  • Click on THL- THLToken

  • Deposit your coins to the address appear in the box in your case it might be different ( you should have enough ether to pay for the gass )
  • Now go to the THL Trading Page
  • You can exchange THL to BTC

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