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Tor Developers Plans To Use Anonymous Tokens To Eliminate DoS Attacks

Privacy-focused browser, Tor, has announced that it has started research on ways to eradicate Denial of Service (DoS) attacks using privacy-focused tokens.

Over the last few years, Tor has suffered from many DoS attacks, one aspect that has continued to reduce the quality of its performance. While the developers are always working to increase the platform’s security, the anonymity that it offers seems to be its greatest undoing. Coupled with how the network is built and the anonymity of the platform’s traffic, the platform’s defense has always been weak against DoS attacks. In a move to strengthen its defenses against DoS attacks in the future, Tor mentioned the idea of making use of privacy tokens.

Developers want to start looking into privacy coins by 2021

According to the research report, Tor said it would differentiate bad and good traffic networks using the privacy tokens. Also, Tor mentioned that the privacy tokens would also work in other ways like building up defenses against implementing user accounts, a move that has always been used by platforms to differentiate between good and bad traffic.

At an event tagged ‘state of the onion,’ which took place last year, the development team behind Tor gave critical updates on the things that are billed to happen on the platform in the new year. In its report, the developers said they were still very much interested in creating these anonymous coins.

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According to a member of the Tor developer team, George kadianakis, he mentioned that even though memory should be cherished, Tor doesn’t have that liberty because it is memoryless. Notably, Tor keeps no record of its users as everything that is done on the platform is erased or forgotten almost immediately. Despite this beautiful aspect of the platform, this same feature has posed many past issues, including the DoS attacks.

Kadianakis says adding the privacy tokens will eliminate DoS attacks

A DoS attack is an attack that makes a platform crash after it initiates a lot of connection to the platform, thereby causing massive disruption in the website’s activities. Due to Tor’s anonymity, it is always vulnerable to DoS attacks. Tor doesn’t save any of your data, thus lacking differentiation between good and bad traffic.

A feature that the DoS attacks make use of is when the connection to a server is already maxed out, thereby posing challenges for the CPU that is trying to connect to the server. Kandiakis noted that if they tried to enable user accounts and cookies, they would undermine the Tor browser’s privacy aspect.

According to Kadianakis, privacy tokens will counter the DoS attacks if they are added to the users’ specific network requests. If this is done, it will help Tor identify the good and bad traffic on the platform. Kandianakis noted that the privacy tokens would be like bus tickets; even though you went through a lot to buy the token, your identity is not tied to it. If you lose the bus ticket by any chance, and it gets into the hands of another person, they will not be able to travel with it, and they would not have a single idea of who you are.

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