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TRON’s CEO Bids On Jack Dorsey’s First-Ever Tweet

The digital asset industry is excited with the latest news as Jack Dorsey auctions his tweets. TRON’s CEO, Justin Sun, one of the industry’s known spenders, is also one of the first to bid on the auction. Celebrities are taking NFTs to a whole new level as many might soon sell their first tweet space for some financial gains.

NFTs mean non-fungible tokens because they are often linked to intellectual property and cannot be exchanged for other tokens like Bitcoin and Ethereum. Bitcoin is a fungible token because it can be treated for other digital assets, and that the major difference between the two blockchain. The tokens are also unique and often represent a particular thing.

Sun bids $1 million on Dorsey’s tweet

The digital asset space on Twitter dug out Jack Dorsey’s first-ever tweet in 2006 read that he was setting up his Twitter. Sun has now tagged his price for auction at $1 million, causing some uproar on the digital asset crowd.

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The tweet is the first-ever tweet published by Twitter CEO himself, Jack Dorsey. Dorsey is a well-known crypto advocate and even has “Bitcoin” in his Bio. The influencer has pushed so many people into the world of digital assets as he is a believer in the technology.

NFTs are usually on the Ethereum blockchain, and they are uniquely coded digital collectibles that people cannot trade for other asset types. The token is so unique that it has unalterable coding, making it a scare crypto type. So, the collectibles are as good as normal collectibles like vintage cars, action figures but are purely digital tokens. The Chief Executive put up the tweet on NFT auction house valuables, and people see it as a sign of advancement in the technology.

Sun and his lavish lifestyle

TRON’s chief executive is one of the first bidders, and he first put up half a million dollars for the tweet, which he shared on the comment section on March 6. The entrepreneur’s bid is now around $1 million, showing that he really wants to win the auction, but the public is still unsure of what the bid entails. Sun currently holds the highest offer for the tweet and might eventually be the one to win the auction.

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The entrepreneur is known to spend money rather lavishly as he chases anything he wants. In his dinner with Berkshire Hathaway’s CEO, Warren Buffet, people can see this where it was reported that Sun waited years and spent almost $5 million to assure the meet-up.

The entrepreneur at first rescheduled his dinner with the CEO after he shared that he was sick during the scheduled date. Although that excuse came with much controversy, the businessman eventually had dinner with the investment tycoon.

Sun apologized during the dinner for being big-mouthed about his Bitcoin marketing while trying to get Buffet to invest in the digital asset. Sun is also known to be very flashy as he recently had a meme coin named after himself. The meme coin is called SUN and is governed by the SUN token.

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