UAE Rolls Out First Arabian BSC-Based Decentralized Token

While the first Ethereum-based Arab cryptocurrency was launched at the end of last quarter, the first one built on the Binance smart chain network has just been launched.

Why and How The UEDC Works

The operational and transactional expenses for this new one will be low compared to the one built on ethereum because of Ethereum’s high gas fees. Hence, those in the middle east and even across the globe can transact their businesses faster and easier. Also, it allows anyone from any part of the globe to store and invest in a reputable virtual asset.

The UAE hopes that countries (such as Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait, Lebanon, Jordan, Morocco, Libya, Iraq, and Algeria) that have banned bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies can adopt the UEDC for the daily financial activities and be in tune with the new financial technology currently sweeping the entire world.

There is complete transparency in all trades involving this currency. The wallet address provides full information on all coins received and sent from the wallet. Though anyone can create and use a wallet address, any transaction involved with each wallet can be viewed by everyone. As of this writing, the united emirate decentralized coin is on presale at about $0.46 per token. However, when it is eventually listed on PancakeSwap, it will be at $7 per token.

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Hence, this presale price represents an opportunity for traders to multiply their investments 10-fold. Apart from 6 million tokens stored away in a reserve wallet (for at least five years), 14 million is still available. More importantly, all the tokens that aren’t sold before the listing will be burnt.

Details of the presale and other important information are made available in the whitepaper.

The presale for the United Emirates Decentralized coin token will stop by the middle of next month.

How to Add The UEDC from The BSC Wallet

For optimal results, use Google Chrome or brave browser to add this coin to Binance wallet. Here is the 4-step checklist you need to follow:

  • Search the chrome store for Binance chain wallet extension while you’re on your Google chrome browser
  • Add and install this extension, register your BSC wallet address and safeguard your password
  • Click on the + sign on your wallet interface once you’re logged into your BSC wallet. Now, paste the following 0xf0b6e29c429bbb8e1448340f0776be933805344ein the space labeled ‘filter assets.’
  • Lastly, click ‘add’
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How to Purchase Presale Tokens Of The UEDC

Keep in mind that the maximum number of Binance tokens you can purchase is 100BNB, while the least is 0.01BNB.

  • Fund your BSC wallet with your desired amount
  • Log on to Click on ‘connect’ and choose ‘Binance Smart Chain’
  • Input the number of tokens you want to buy and click on ‘deposit’
  • The transaction is almost instant, and the UEDC tokens will be displayed on the wallet.

For any further clarification, there is a telegram support channel/group. Those who prefer to contact support via email can do so through the email:

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