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Unlocking the Power of Physical Backed Tokens (PBTs)

Discover the game-changing solution to fake real estate documents – PBTs. Thanks to blockchain technology, new opportunities like crypto and NFTs have been created. The EU already plans to use blockchain for supply chains and data storage. Enter the new era of the industry with PBTs, which are like NFTs, but with a unique quality that enhances their legitimacy and confirms property ownership. Say goodbye to forged property documents with this revolutionary technology. Learn everything you need to know about PBTs in this informative guide, including their functionality and differences from NFTs.

PBTs Explained

Tokens backed by physical goods may be exchanged on the Ethereum network, thanks to the Physical Backed Token (PBT) protocol. The unique method of linking physical objects to digital tokens gives Tangible Backed Tokens their name. To further the concept of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), the Chiru Labs team developed this technology. In contrast to NFTs, which do not employ chips to connect real things to digital tokens, PBT uses chips. Brands and individuals alike may now document their journeys from a fresh perspective with the help of PBT. Additionally, PBT can make authenticating and tracking an asset’s movement much more accessible.

Working with PBTs

PBT’s ability to function without centralized servers is a notable advantage. After an item has been connected to a digital token via PBT, the authenticity of the physical token does not need to be confirmed by a third party. PBT’s ability to function autonomously on-chain makes it a groundbreaking innovation. The PBT is the only system that permits trustless authentication. However, many other groups have tried and failed to construct similar systems.

PBTs have gained popularity due to their open-source nature and accessibility to everyone. This attribute has enabled anyone to create, verify and validate experiences on the platform. With PBT’s open-source architecture, endless possibilities have become attractive for many.

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To fully grasp how Physical Backed Tokens (PBTs) function, it is essential first to understand their intended use. Previous types of digital tokens had problems due to the token being unlinked from the digital asset once created. Therefore, it was necessary to have third-party verification for both physical and digital assets, and NFTs could not be used in place of tangible assets. PBTs use on-chain monitoring of NFT ownership and decentralized verification for physical assets to counteract this. This is accomplished by embedding the BEAN chip inside physical items, after which customers may create PBTs and send them to their chosen wallets. The “TransferTokenWithChip” function protects the link between real-world entities and digital tokens, and no NFT may be generated without a unique chip.

Advantages of PBTs

Using PBTs may open up a whole new world of benefits. Most notably, PBTs solve the issue of counterfeiting by enabling digital network authentication of physical goods. In addition, PBTs provide the open disclosure of asset ownership information, eliminating the need for intermediaries.

Companies operating in the blockchain supply chain industry could gain a competitive edge by incorporating PBTs into their systems. By utilizing PBTs, industry leaders such as Blockverify, Everledger, Openport, OriginTrail, and Provenance can enhance the traceability and authentication of product ownership. Adopting PBTs is expected to streamline supply chain management operations and increase their overall efficiency, marking a significant step towards a more transparent and secure supply chain ecosystem.


Azuki PBT

Blockchain industry trailblazer Azuki has brought trustless and decentralized (PBTs) to the digital realm. By associating valued physical items with PBTs, Azuki has developed a new system for trading certified goods and participating in missions. One limited-edition golden skateboard was made for each of the nine PBTs that the studio published. At a record-breaking auction, eight skateboards fetched $2.5 million. Meanwhile, Azuki’s NFT project has given Chiru Labs 10,000 warrior and skateboard figurines in an anime style. Implementing PBTs caused a significant increase in cost, but the subsequent exposure to project failures caused a steep drop.

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Final thoughts

The introduction of Physical Backed Tokens has revolutionized how companies track and authenticate their supply chains, reducing reliance on paper records. The blockchain industry is constantly evolving, and PBTs are just one of the many exciting developments. The beauty of PBTs lies in their open accessibility, as anyone can utilize this innovative idea without seeking permission from its creators.

With the widespread use and further improvements, PBTs’ utility will increase considerably. There is vast potential for PBTs beyond their current application of collecting valuables like watches, handbags, playing cards, and toys. PBTs are still in their infancy. Thus, their potential is enormous.

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