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UNUS SED LEO Price Analysis : Maintain its Position at Top due to BITFINEX

UNUS SED LEO (Leo) is a leading token in cryptocurrency universe and attained a top ranking #13 on Coin Market Cap. Leo is progressing so rapidly because of optimistic vision and a strong team behind it.

Famous exchange of cryptocurrency listed its token UNUS SED LEO on 20 May and completed its private 100% trade of its tokens in exchange for 1 billion dollars. In just 49 days, it achieves its top position on Coin Market Cap.

One reason behind its leading trend is that because it is a project of iFinex and a prominent exchange BITFINEX.

BITFINEX tweeted on June27, 2019

The second UNUS SED LEO redemption has now been completed on EOS, burning a total of559, 843.00 $LEO


Another victory has been retweeted by BITFINEX on June 26, 2019

1,006,415.10 $LEO (0.10%) of total supply have been taken out of existence


A chief technology’s Officer at iFinex has tweeted recently

BITINEX and Ethfinex just completed the first rebase of@ Ampleforthorg. This is a great example of our collaboration with the projects we support in Tokinex like UNUS SED LEO

UNUS SED LEO Price Comparison:

When token launched in the crypto space on May20, It opened at $2.49 USD and closed at $1.07 USD which clearly shows that it plummeted from a high value to its lowest value in the market till today.

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After month of this downtrend, it restored its position at $1.8927 USD on June20.Moving forward alongside, it maintain its position and now it stands at $1.76USD at the time writing.

UNUS SED LEO Price Prediction:

Currently, Leo is at the support level of $1.77 USD but there are chances that it will break the support level and will move in downtrend. But in case it bounce-back from this support level, we can predict that it will test the resistance level at $1.9288 USD.

Now the total market cap of UNES SED LEO is $1,767,248,677 USD 161,289 BTC and 6,013,345 ETH. The current volume of 24 hour at Coin Market Cap is $13,805,192 USD.

This shows that Leo will not cross the resistance level and it will move upward with a successful rally.


Leo token is introduced by BITFINEX and iFinex. BITFINEX is a famous exchange for cryptocurrency and iFinex is also a leading organization. It means that Leo has a very strong back behind it.

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The current movement of Leo tells us clearly about its shining future and indicating a notion to investors and traders to invest in UNUS SED LEO.

Davis Byrne (US)

Davis Byrne got into the cryptocurrency world in 2013. He contributes technical chart-based price updates and price analysis on the world's leading digital currencies.


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