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Voyager Digital CEO Faces CFTC Fraud Allegations

Former Voyager Digital CEO Stephen Ehrlich is facing legal challenges as the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) lodges a complaint against him and the now-bankrupt crypto lending firm. The accusations include fraud and the failure to register the company with the regulatory body. 

This development is compounded by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) reaching a settlement with Voyager, highlighting increased scrutiny from regulatory agencies. The CFTC claims that Ehrlich misrepresented the platform as a secure and reliable space for users, promising unrealistic returns, thus breaching the trust of its customer base.

Deceptive Promises and Mismanagement

The storm began on October 12, 2023, when the CFTC made public its complaint, painting a grim picture of deceit and mismanagement by Ehrlich and Voyager Digital.

The duo allegedly lured customers with the promise of a safe haven for their crypto assets and enticing returns as high as 12%. These assurances led to an influx of deposits, with the platform holding over $2 billion worth of cryptocurrency assets.


However, the supposed safety and lucrative yields were a facade. Behind the scenes, Ehrlich and his company were loaning out customer assets to high-risk third-party entities to generate the promised returns. 

The CFTC’s investigation unveiled a complex web of mismanagement and misleading representations, with “Firm A” identified as one of the third-party companies that defaulted on repayments, catapulting Voyager into a liquidity crisis.

Despite the impending financial implosion, Ehrlich maintained the narrative of safety and security, keeping customers in the dark until the catastrophic revelation of Voyager Digital’s Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing in July 2022. 

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With over $1.7 billion owed to users, the fallout from the lawsuit is anticipated to be substantial, igniting discussions on accountability, transparency, and the need for stringent regulatory scrutiny in the crypto lending landscape.

CFTC’s Stern Reprimand

The words of Ian McGinley, the CFTC’s Director of Enforcement, echoed with gravity as he lambasted the actions of Ehrlich and Voyager Digital. “Shockingly reckless risks” and calculated deceit were at the core of their operations, according to McGinley. 

While the external façade showcased a fortress of safety and responsible handling of digital asset commodities, the internal operations told a tale of gross mismanagement and profound irresponsibility.

The agency’s pursuit of justice doesn’t stop at unveiling the deceit. The CFTC is vigorously pushing for civil monetary penalties and disgorgement to claw back ill-gotten gains. Restitution is also on the cards, an attempt to restore lost assets to defrauded customers.

Furthermore, the commission seeks to impose permanent trading and registration bans on Ehrlich and Voyager, marking them as pariahs in the commodity trading space

FTC Strikes a Hefty Settlement

In a dramatic turn of events, Voyager Digital and its affiliates find themselves at the receiving end of a proposed settlement deal, orchestrated by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). 

The deal, ringing in at a staggering $1.65 billion fine, emanates from false claims made to customers, assuring them that their deposited funds were backed by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) – a statement proven to be entirely unfounded.

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As the FTC wielded its regulatory hammer, not only did it demand this substantial monetary compensation but also imposed a permanent ban preventing the companies from any future handling of customer funds, effectively sidelining them in the crypto handling space.

While Voyager and its affiliated entities bow to the weight of the FTC’s punitive action, Stephen Ehrlich, the former CEO, adopts a defiant stance. Unwilling to consent to the settlement, Ehrlich stares down the barrel of continued legal proceedings.

The FTC, undeterred, is gearing up to advance its case against him in federal court, setting the stage for a legal showdown.

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