Warren Buffed Said Blockchain Will Have a Disruptive Effect on Future of Payment, Claims Tron Foundation

After the meeting of Tron CEO with Warrant Buffet, there has been a long debate in the news whether Buffet changed his view about cryptocurrency or not

Blockchain technology underlying the cryptocurrency has the potential to make a difference in the world as the investment Guru Warrant Buffet also see something significant in the blockchain technology. Per the Tron Foundation, Buffet is influenced and inspired by the technology underlying the bitcoin but not the Bitcoin. He also called the bitcoin a ‘’rat poison squared’’ in the past.

After the meeting of Tron CEO with Warrant Buffet, there has been a long debate in the news whether Buffet changed his view about cryptocurrency or not. But it seems that he has not uttered any positive word for the virtual currency as Justin has not mentioned.


However, Justin took to Twitter after meeting and expressed what they discussed at the charity dinner but there were no positive sentiments for bitcoin at all. However, Justin expressed that the meal will ‘’ bridge the gap between institutional and traditional investors and the realm of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.’’

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Blockchain has its Value

On Feb.18, the Twitter account of Tron Foundation posted to convey the Buffet’s view about the blockchain technology. According to investment guru, blockchain has the stamina to revolutionize the future payment system.

‘’Mr. Buffett said #Blockchain has its value, there are a lot of incredible companies in the payment market and it has huge demands. He believes blockchain technology will have a disruptive effect on the future of payment.’’

According to many crypto opponents, Justin has distracted the community while sharing the Buffet’s views with manipulation as the dinner was on Jan.23 but still, they are posting on Twitter about the event to create a hype.

Buffet’s Hostility towards Bitcoin

Warren Buffet has been remained hostile towards bitcoin as well as cryptocurrency and called it a bag of fear. He does not categorize bitcoin as a safe asset for the investment.

There are several reasons why the cryptocurrency is not a potent object for investment in the eyes of Buffet. First, cryptocurrency is known for its volatile nature as the price value changes rapidly. Secondly, it is still unregulated to make use of a proper currency for making daily payments. However, governments are making policies’ charter to regulate the cryptocurrency in the country.

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