Which 5 Crypto Airdrops Are the Most Anticipated in July 2024

Get access to helpful information on the highly awaited cryptocurrency airdrops that will take place in July. Learn more about Rho Markets, TachySwap, Echelon Market, Kayen Protocol, and Zeta when you read this article.

Key Points

  • TachySwap utilizes Etherlink’s cutting-edge MEV protection to ensure secure, streamlined, and decentralized trading encounters.
  • Kayen Protocol presents groundbreaking DeFi functionalities to amplify the utility of sports fan tokens.
  • Echelon Market is positioned for expansion and enhances DeFi on Aptos through strategic collaborations.

In July, the world of cryptocurrency is poised for growth as TachySwap, Kayen Protocol, Echelon Market, Rho Markets, and Zeta prepare to launch exciting crypto airdrops. These innovative crypto protocol initiatives enhance visibility and trading activity by distributing complimentary tokens to their expanding communities.


As a decentralized currency exchange (DEX) operating on the Etherlink blockchain, TachySwap is a cutting-edge platform. To ensure the highest possible level of customer happiness, our platform provides token swaps that are efficient, quick, and low-cost. In addition to being an automated market maker focused on the community, it now has an aggregate price locked of 2.96 million ether.

When they engage with the platform, individuals have the chance to contribute liquidity to TachySwap’s pools and gain transaction fees. This helps to promote an equitable profit-sharing framework. The incorporation of Etherlink’s MEV protection results in a major improvement in deal security and integrity, hence producing a more dependable and secure exchange environment.

Rho Market

Overcollateralized lending is the focus of Rho Markets’ flagship Scroll-based lending protocol, which the company recently announced. ETH, BTC, and LRT assets are only some of the prominent assets that can be borrowed using this platform, which is endorsed by the Scroll team since it offers borrowing services. Furthermore, it gives users the ability to stake RATE tokens in order to guarantee they would receive higher returns.

Rho Markets has launched the Rho XP Loyalty Points (RXP) program to incentivize its user community to be more engaged. In addition, the first backers of this campaign will receive RATE tokens. Those who have accumulated RXP will also have the opportunity to purchase Scroll tokens in the future. The distribution of these ERC-20 tokens is decided by the user’s involvement in the lending pools or staking operations. The protocol’s Total Value Locked (TVL) has increased to a substantial $25.45 million.

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With its groundbreaking Echelon Market, the Aptos blockchain is changing the face of DeFi. One way this cutting-edge platform helps drive up rates is by acting as a worldwide lending market, which increases liquidity. Echelon uses Pyth Network, built with the help of Aptos and Thala Labs, to enhance its operations.

One of the components of the comprehensive plan that the Echelon team has supplied is an airdrop that is slated to take place during the third quarter of the year 2024. Furthermore, they anticipate a substantial mainnet release as well as a token generation event (TGE) to take place during the second quarter of the academic year 2024. At the moment, Echelon is pleased to announce that it has a Total Value Locked (TVL) of $26.64 million, therefore establishing itself as a substantial contributor to the expansion of the Aptos DeFi ecosystem.

Kayen Protocol

An innovative breakthrough is currently in progress at Sports Blockchain with the unveiling of KAYEN. The DeFi Ecosystem, powered by Chiliz, seeks to transform the world of Sports Blockchain. KAYEN guarantees the improvement of the usefulness and accessibility of Fan Tokens, establishing a fresh standard in the field.

At the heart of KAYEN lies its function as a decentralized exchange (DEX).

KayenSwap is a platform native to Chiliz that prioritizes the community’s needs. This is more than just another platform for exchanging fan tokens. Instead, it promotes a collaborative environment where every transaction and engagement contributes to the development of a livelier ecosystem.


Through the implementation of innovative technologies for options trading, Zeta is bringing about a revolution in the decentralized finance (DeFi) field. This particular platform is one of a kind due to the fact that it provides the ability to trade derivatives without requiring a significant amount of collateral. It caters to individual traders as well as clients from big trading firms. One of the most important benefits is that it gives consumers the ability to safeguard themselves against the unpredictability of cryptocurrency markets and specific incidents.

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At the moment, Zeta distributes eight percent of its total ZEX token supply as a substantial prize for its pioneers on the platform. By the 7th of June, those who have acquired a minimum of 500 Z-Score points are eligible to receive this airdrop.

Zeta has also set aside 30% of the ZEX tokens for continuous trading incentives so members may stay involved for longer. The cumulative Z-score of the participants determines the frequency of distribution, which is done monthly. This strategy ensures that traders who are actively participating will continue to benefit from future dividends and reap the profits of those distributions.


To this day, crypto airdrops continue to be an invaluable instrument for organizations that wish to raise their awareness and establish connections with communities as the sector advances. In the month of July, it is vital to monitor these five procedures since they will provide significant revisions and prospective possibilities.

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