Win Chargeback Review – A Recovery Service Held Back By Its Drawbacks

Trading is one of two things that have seen an astronomical rise in the past decade. Almost everyone that you meet has at least a passing interest in trading and how it works. Some even trade in their spare time to make a little extra cash on the side. But trading scams are the second thing to rise in prominence over the past decade. And they become worryingly convincing, making them especially dangerous for people who are new to trading.

With the help of recovery services, victims of a scam can easily recover their money. But if you plan on taking help from Win Chargeback to retrieve your money, you might want to consider a few things first.

Can They Help with Your Recovery?

Similar to most other recovery services, Win Chargeback is a company that helps you recover from a scam. They help you recover from various scams. From CFDs to cryptocurrencies, they claim they know how to get your money back from all of them. They essentially offer exactly what you would expect from a recovery service.

While the primary service that they offer is quite good, that is not where the problem lies. The features and factors that surround their service is what is more concerning.

Why Are They Lacking?

Most companies have some downsides that could turn away customers. But the downsides of Win Chargeback are quite different and are worth looking into. Here are some things that you should consider before you start with Win Chargeback.

Team Members Are Nowhere to Be Found

Win Chargeback’s team is the life blood of the company. Simply put, without them, they will not be able to perform investigations or confront the company or financial institutions. In fact, the team is the company itself, which means that it cannot run without them.

Even though they are a large part of the company, Win Chargeback does not offer much information on them. Given their line of work, it is understandable if the team members want to stay anonymous. What is less understandable is that they do not mention their qualifications. It is quite hard to find out any information about the team. The website does not contain any information about their experience or their professions. It should always be on the front page as it is one of the first things that customers will check.

No Names of Owners or Leading Positions

Ambiguous Owners can be quite the deal breaker for some. All of their positive reviews aside, people always want a face to associate with a company. Whether that is the face of a spokesperson or the CEO, customer can become suspicious of this immense level of ambiguity.

Their website makes no mention of the owner’s names, or the names of any other high ranking title. While a CEO wanting to stay anonymous, companies will usually have some spokesperson that gives the company a face. Unfortunately, Win Chargeback does not have any of them.

Price Limit Qualification

One thing that Win Chargeback does different from the rest of the industry is their barrier to entry. Very few companies throughout the industry actually have a threshold that a client will need to clear before their case can go into consideration. And Win Chargebackis one of them. Unless a customer has lost at least $20,000 USD, they will not be taking over their case.

Therefore, a large number of people who have lost a lot of money, but not as much as the minimum threshold do not qualify for an investigation. And this is not even mentioning the proof that you would have to provide about the scam company.

No Proper Consultation 

A common service that you will find among different recovery services is consultation. With the help of consultation, companies can dispense valuable information regarding scams to their clients. They can also mention how they will go about recovering the money. Some consultation services will also track down brokers and seeing if they are legitimate or not.

However, Win Chargeback does not have offer any consultation services. In fact, their consultation is quite lacking, especially in terms of providing their customers with useful information. Nor do they track down to see if a broker is legitimate. That is simply not what they do.

Of course, that is not as big of a problem as people think. But it is worth mentioning, as people often associate consultation with recovery services. 

Few Communication Tools

Another thing that you will have to consider before engaging in their services are the few communication tools available. Communication is essential to good customer relations, and good customer relations are the back bone of good business; especially for recovery companies. By offering good communication methods, they can greatly improve their public perception.

Unfortunately, Win Chargeback does not offer good communication tools. They offer the bare minimum in terms of customer communication. The only ways that you can contact them is through their email address.

While they do reply quickly through email, it is not enough. This is especially the case now as most individuals prefer using social media to contact others. Whether they want to message or call the company of their choice, they prefer having those options. And if you prefer those options, then you might not like what Win Chargeback has to offer.

A Decent Overall Package with Plenty of Room to Improve

Although you just went through a lot of the issues that come with using Win Chargeback, they are not all bad. They do offer some things that make their service worthwhile. Their response time through email is quite good, and they can solve cases quite quickly. they also provide a great deal of information about the different scams.

However, when you consider Win Chargeback as a complete package, it is still not as good as it can be. It will take some time, but they will easily iron all of their issues out. Until then, you might want to consider another recovery service.

Drugi Zawadzki (Poland)

Second Zawadzki is a new author for Tokenhell. He is a cryptocurrency investor and enthusiast and writes news and reviews on this website.

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