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Women Crypto Investors Increase in the Indian Market

In today’s world, most women trust in financial independence. However, the crypto space, with its lucrative returns, comprises a smaller percentage of women. For instance, CoinSwitch Kuber stated that women traders account for only 15% of their followers.

Why Do Women Avoid Crypto

  • Multiple speculations surround the reason why crypto remains a male’s den.
  • Individuals view crypto as a finance and tech subject. You probably know how women are underrepresented in finance and technology. Some people trust that the two fields are primarily male.

Another thing is that females fail to tolerate investment risks. Women prefer traditional investments to avoid volatility in the crypto space.

Moreover, research shows that 76% of females admitted that they lack familiarity with crypto. That is higher than male, 52%. Lack of exposure is among the reasons women do not prefer cryptocurrency. As much as no one stops women to venture into the crypto world, market players did little to inspire them until recently.

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Crypto No Longer a ‘Boys Club’ Only

India had a phenomenal crypto year in 2020. Women investors entered the crypto market following Supreme Court Crypto legalization. Over the past year, the CoinSwitch Kuber exchange saw a 1000% uptick in female user registration.

For now, cryptocurrencies seem to attract more women across various regions. According to a Grayscale study, females are willing to invest in opportunities that they understand. Remarkably, around 93% of women declared that they would invest in virtual coins if they accessed better education about the assets.

For now, crypto is not for males alone. For instance, a female CoinSwitch user stated that she stepped into the investment world with digital coins. Also, Caitra declared using crypto investments to fund her education.

As much as the crypto market has few women, they have been storming the Indian market in high numbers. Besides the many women crypto investors, the country has a high percentage of females working in its crypto space.

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Do you think that women will make better crypto investors? Keep in mind that the Fidelity study indicates that women are better investors than men, saving around 8.3 percent of their salaries, while males hold 7.9 percent of their income. Comment below.

Bentley Kapoor (India)

Bentley is a cryptocurrency enthusiast and trader, his articles are news and platform review based. His writings are brought to you through his 10 years of experience in the cryptocurrency markets.

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