WWE Set To Enter The NFT Market With The Undertaker NFTs

The non-fungible token has taken over our scenes, and it is not going away anytime soon, going by the way people are entering the market. A recent publication established the effect that the highest price paid for a digital asset had on the people entering the scene.

And it looks like as the days pass, more sectors and individuals are still entering the market. A recent publication has shown that the wrestling scene might be well on course to make its foray into the NFT market. The statement taken off the official page of the World Wrestling Entertainment has announced that they will launch new NFTs bordering on The Undertaker as they move on to plan their next event, WrestleMania.

WWE to put three types of NFT on sale

The statement that was taken off the page of the President of the entity shows that they want to take the opportunity to have their piece of art. Nick Khan, who also doubles as the CRO, also pointed out that the listing of the NFT will also allow the firm to establish a deeper connection with their fans as they move on the course to kickstart their Wrestlemania event.

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The debates on NFTs have been going around since the news started as moat people are still losing how people would pay a hefty amount of money for arts that they can’t see. Analysts have pointed out that the real reason that people pay as much as that for the rare pieces is that they are scarce and are solely owned by the buyers after it has been transferred to them.

In their offering, WWE mentioned that the four kinds of NFTs would be made available, including the Gold and Platinum versions of The Undertaker. They also mentioned that the sale is set to go live on April 10, with the wholesale lasting for up to 37 hours.

WWE wants to establish a relationship between them and their fans

The announcement also mentions that the Platinum version will see the winner go home with the NFT version and two tickets to the WrestleMania events in 2022 and 2023. The prize will also come with VIP Access and free hotel reservations and stay for the winner.

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Also, the winner will be gifted a video that The Undertaker made himself. With bidding set to start in a day, the firm has announced that the rare pieces of art would be put on sale with a starting price of $10,000. The Gold and Silver versions come with smaller prizes compared to that of the Platinum version.

In the Gold version, the winner gets the access to choose the events that he wants to go to with the entity putting up the Monday Night Raw event or the Friday Night SmackDown version of the event.

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