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XRP Price Is Due To The Fact That It Has Real Utility – Crypto Analyst

  • Crypto analyst says XRP has real utility.
  • He expects the price to reach about $9 or even blow up to $20.
  • Uphold is now open to US traders to trade XRP

On Monday, the crypto market witnessed as XRP price rose above $0.70 price level. The recent rally that the coin experienced was as a result of the “WallStreetBets crowd-pump”, as Jehan Chu said. The upsurge experienced by the XRP some days back took the price from $0.25 to $0.75.

Despite Ripple, a major issuer of XRP, passing through a time of uncertainty, the coin has managed to keep afloat. At the moment, XRP is in a consolidation with the price trading at around $0.44 and could rise to aim for the next resistance level before it continues upward.

XRP Has Real Utility And Will Rally Again

There are discussions as to whether the XRP is still relevant now that there are stablecoins like the USDT and the CBDC (a digital instrument issued by a Central Bank). There are further doubts if XRP could fare better that the two leading coins (Bitcoin and Ethereum); or even surpass them in market capitalization.

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MagicPoopCannonn, a crypto analyst, thinks that XRP has real utility and cannot be held back by market capitalization limitations. He said that if the coin could achieve its goal to make high transactions due to its utility, the coin’s market cap is going to soar. Magic believes that the coin’s market cap is about to blow up since it has real utility. He further predicted that XRP could move from the current price ($0.44) to reach about $9 or as high as $20, and cap it at $50.

He mentioned that such price marks aren’t difficult for the coin after it experienced a growth of about 76,000% back in 2017. Magic concluded that XRP is likely the best crypto coin with the most potential of an upsurge. After considering the resurgence of XRP, analysts are predicting that the coin may continue its rally.

Uphold Platform Is Now Open To USA XRP Traders

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Uphold is recently holding back to see how the case between Ripple with XRP will turn out before it delists the coin. Therefore, as revealed by XRP scan, U.S. traders are now currently moving their coins to uphold as the exchange is now open to them.

Now that Uphold is available in the US, the platform is going to allow users to exchange many of their holdings with other assets, including XRP. Also, on February 4, Uphold has decided to launch multi-asset, crypto-enabled cards in Europe by April.

This happened when Uphold acquired Optimus cards on February 2. The CEO, Thieriot revealed that after the card’s launch, it will allow their European customers to receive their salary in cryptocurrency. He further said the card will allow them to spend the cryptocurrency.

Uphold is one of the best and innovative exchanges, and is changing the way the world use e-money and cryptocurrencies. Uphold now provides financial services to more than 180 countries in the world.

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