0x, Stellar and Kraken Secure Seats in Top Crypto Association

The top lobbying association of the crypto world, Blockchain Association successfully formed its Board of Directors in which members from the Stellar Development Foundation, Kraken, and 0x have been inducted as being the members of the newly formed Board.

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According to a news report recently Blockchain Association underwent the process of inducting new members on the panel of its Board wherein the members from world-renowned entities including Stellar, 0x, and Kraken (Kraken has recently been granted a banking services charter by US regulator and has transformed into a full-fledged bank under the name of Kraken Financial last week) have been successful in securing a seat in its Board of Directors.

According to news reports, the induction of members from many diversified platforms such as 0x, which is a well-known decentralized exchange, Stellar which functions the Stellar ecosystem, and Kraken which is a world-renowned crypto exchange firm, is a positive step taken by the Blockchain Association which will help the Association to achieve many milestones in the upcoming future.

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Kristin Smith who is the Executive Director of the Blockchain Association apprised the CoinDesk that since the world of digital asset is undergoing an immense increase in the numbers of DeFi users and that the DeFi trend for the time being is on the horizon, the Association was of the view that it is in the best interest of the Association if the stakeholders who are involved and part of the DeFi system are taken on board.

Candace Kelly who is the General Counsel of Stellar, Jason Somensatto who is the Senior Counsel at 0x along with Marco Santori, the Chief Legal Officer of Kraken have been inducted on the Board of Directors of the Blockchain Association to fill the vacancy.

The two vacancies were earlier held by Anchorage and Coinbase but lying vacant for the past three months. However, the total number of seats in the Board was 9 but an amendment was made in the laws of Association according to which the number of seats was increased from 9 to 10 respectively.

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