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A Comprehensive Guide to Raiser’s Fair Community Offering (FCO)

This guide will delve into an emerging fundraising paradigm, the Fair Community Offering (FCO), spearheaded by Raiser. This initiative strives to infuse the blockchain fundraising arena with principles of fairness and authenticity.

The realm of blockchain is perpetually engaged in fundraising activities, as it is regularly flooded with innovative projects requiring financial backing and community support. This necessity has given rise to various fundraising mechanisms, such as Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs), Initial Exchange Offerings (IEOs), and Initial DEX Offerings (IDOs).

With ongoing innovation, the blockchain sector is witnessing the rise of the Fair Community Offering (FCO), introduced by Raiser. This approach is designed to foster genuine community engagement and support for projects, enhancing the integrity of blockchain fundraising. The following text will provide an in-depth understanding of the FCO framework and its operational dynamics.

Raiser’s Role in the Blockchain Sphere

Raiser functions as a cryptocurrency accelerator and launchpad, focusing on forging authentic opportunities for investors and project creators while imparting crypto knowledge to the public. Diverging from traditional token-based methods, Raiser emphasizes tasks and activities that demonstrate a user’s commitment to a project.


As a prominent advocate for community-driven projects utilizing the FCO model, Raiser is critical in linking these initiatives with an investment-ready audience. This process includes a comprehensive evaluation of the project, encompassing its team, market prospects, and potential community value. Projects that successfully pass this scrutiny are then presented to Raiser’s investor network.

Investors on the Raiser platform participate in specific challenges to gain investment eligibility and receive ongoing support post-investment. Raiser has notably succeeded in listing projects on premier exchanges, ensuring liquidity, and enhancing visibility within and beyond the industry. Notably, Raiser is acclaimed for pioneering the innovative FCO model.

Introduction of Fair Community Offering (FCO) with Playbux

Playbux, a project backed by Raiser, is making headlines as the first to implement the FCO model. This initiative offers the public and potential investors insights into the FCO fundraising approach.

Kori Leon, co-founder and CEO of Raiser, stated:

“Our objective is to bolster support for the community and centralized exchanges that recognize the potential success of emerging projects through their initial listings. Our platform uniquely rewards engaged community members, aiding exchanges in making informed strategic decisions.”

Prospective investors are encouraged to join Raiser’s mailing list for updates on the upcoming launch, including details on the required challenges and investment procedures in Playbux, followed by post-investment support.

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This FCO launch marks a significant departure from traditional token-based public blockchain fundraising. Historically, blockchain projects have raised funds by selling tokenized ownership via their platforms, centralized exchanges, or decentralized platforms, with priority given to early token purchasers.

While effective in generating capital, this method often overlooked the investors’ true intentions, leading to situations where less committed individuals would invest early and possibly sell their holdings for quick profits.

The FCO model seeks to revolutionize this approach by prioritizing investor passion over mere financial capacity.

Comprehending FCOs

FCOs are set to transform the existing landscape of blockchain fundraising. The mechanics of this approach diverge significantly from traditional methods. Typically, blockchain projects attract funds by selling tokens, where the primary prerequisites are possessing the necessary capital and being prompt in signing up or being the earliest on the exchange at launch. In this scenario, the investor’s genuine interest in the project is often a secondary concern.

FCOs address this by ensuring initial investment opportunities are reserved for those genuinely enthused about the project. This is achieved by removing the standard practice of token purchasing. Instead of acquiring tokens, there’s an evaluative procedure.

This procedure requires potential investors to undertake various activities demonstrating their commitment to the project. Purchasing a token is straightforward, but engaging in specific tasks on the Raiser platform as a precondition to accessing pre-exchange listings demands genuine belief in the project. Raiser further assesses these participants, ranking them based on their engagement and contribution.

Those ranking highest receive recognition and gain privileged access to the project. This model ensures that early investors are financially invested and genuinely committed to the project’s success. Playbux represents the initial application of this model, and its success could pave the way for its broader adoption in the industry.

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Exploring Playbux

Turning our attention to Playbux, the dApp championed by Raiser under its FCO model, we find a robust and popular platform. Playbux is not a newcomer; it stands as the most engaged dApp on the BNB Chain, with a user base of 16 million and 1.3 million active monthly users, supported by over 26,000 merchants.

Playbux caters to its users and merchants with a variety of features:

  • Mystery boxes are a highlight on Playbux, offering surprises ranging from Binance merchandise to substantial Tether rewards.
  • NFTs form a core part of Playbux’s ecosystem, boasting a record for high-volume trading on the BNB chain. Users have the flexibility to purchase and combine NFTs.
  • Earning tokens is gamified through walk-to-earn and watch-to-earn, allowing users to accumulate funds for digital assets or lottery participation.
  • Cashback offers are substantial, with Playbux-registered merchants providing up to 20% returns in USDT.
  • Gaming experiences, including a popular claw game, are accessible for a nominal BRK, the native currency of Playbux.


The cryptocurrency investment landscape continues to evolve, offering diverse avenues for engagement. Raiser contributes to this dynamic field with its innovative Fair Community Offering (FCO) approach. This fundraising model stands out by sidelining token purchases and focusing on investor passion and commitment. Playbux, as the first venture under this model, exemplifies the potential benefits for project developers and investors, heralding a new era of fundraising in the blockchain space.

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