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A Guide to Yoroi Wallet – How to Set Up the Cardano Wallet

The Cardano ecosystem has several decentralized apps waiting for crypto users to explore. But to have a seamless experience, you need a trusted and compatible wallet like Yoroi. Read this article to learn how you can set up the Yoroi wallet.

Yoroi Wallet Explored

Yoroi Wallet is only available as a browser extension, which runs on several browsers like Chrome, Brave, and Firefox. Moreover, the wallet is open-source, meaning the crypto community can audit it and report vulnerabilities. Yoroi is managed by blockchain company EMURGO, which partners with blockchain engineering firm IOHK to ensure new updates are released promptly to meet the ever-changing needs of Cardano users.

How Do You Set Up Yoroi Wallet?

Setting up a wallet for storing digital assets is a bit more complicated than creating a bank account for maintaining fiat currency. But don’t worry; our step-by-step guide will help you set up a Yoroi wallet. Here is how to do it:

Step 1: Visit and download the wallet’s browser extension. Make sure you have a compatible browser on your computer. Also, do not download Yoroi from any other platform.


Step 2: Upon installation, open the Yoroi wallet by clicking its icon on the browser’s homepage.

Step 3: Start setting up the wallet by choosing your ideal language. Remember to read the terms and conditions before ticking the checkbox.

Step 4: Tap the “Continue” button. The following options will appear: “Connect Hardware Wallet,” “Restore Existing Wallet,” and “Create New Wallet.” We will pick the last option for the purpose of this guide.

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Step 5: When you click “Create New Wallet,” a recovery phrase with fifteen words will show. Note it down on at least two prices of paper.

Step 6: Verify the phrase on the next page and then store the two pieces of paper in different physical locations where no one will find them. It is important to avoid storing them online since a hacker can get access easily.

Step 7: Next, enter your wallet’s name and create a unique password to limit access.

You now have access to your new Yoroi wallet. You can start exploring its features.

How to Use Yoroi Wallet

You need some ADA (Cardano’s native token) to start transacting on Yoroi. The digital currency is used to pay network fees. With the Yoroi wallet, you do not have to make an ADA transfer from an external source. Instead, you can buy the token with fiat within the app.

To do this, click “All Wallets” and then “Buy ADA.” Now, key in your wallet address and enter the fiat amount you want to spend on ADA. Next, click “Buy” and provide your debit/credit card details. After confirming the details, hit “Buy Now.” The ADA tokens will arrive in your Yoroi wallet shortly.

How Do You Send ADA?

You simply need a receiver’s wallet address to start making external ADA transfers from your Yoroi wallet. Also, ensure you have enough ADA tokens to cover gas fees. Use the “Send” functionality to transfer ADA to your recipient.

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How Do You Stake ADA on Yoroi?

Do you want to secure the Cardano network? You can do so by staking ADA on your Yoroi wallet. Your participation isn’t free. You will be rewarded with more ADA. That said, click “Staking” on the sidebar menu to begin your crypto staking journey. Select the pool you want to commit funds to, then enter the amount of ADA, and tap “Delegate.”

Yoroi’s Features

Beginner-friendly interface – Yoroi developers have made the wallet easy to use in an effort to onboard new users to the Web3 space.

Lightweight – Being a browser extension, the Yoroi wallet does not need users to download and install the whole Cardano blockchain on their computers, thus saving space.


With its many unique features, Yoroi has proven not to be an ordinary crypto wallet. Besides storing ADA, Cardano users can stake the token to earn passively and even explore various decentralized apps.

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