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A Latin American Telecom Company is Now Accepting Bitcoin through BitPay

After the adoption of Bitcoin by El Salvador and many other Latin American countries, the talks of replacing fiat salaries of people with Bitcoin are already a burning scenario in El Salvador. Interestingly enough, this new wave of crypto adoption has already made its way to major financial and critical enterprises of the Latin American world. 

A piece of great news has come forward that GoldConnect, which is a telecommunications wholesaler located in the Latin American region, is willing to allow crypto transactions made by customers through BitPay, which is a crypto payment service. It will be accepting all cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and others too. 

This furthers the cause of a great initiative already in the works: the adoption of cryptocurrency in Latin America. It doesn’t ensure that other companies or enterprises will be doing the same shortly, but it definitely sets the stage and mood. 

The Telecommunications Giant Says Adopting Crypto will Help Strengthen the Company’s Relationship with Customers    

However, there is a small hiccup, which might be negligible for the locals as all the payments done to GoldConnect using the crypto payment processor BitPay will be going through LatamConnect, a platform that connects the users to BitPay. But the good thing is that all the payments made from BitPay will be settled with local currency. 

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GoldConnect already operates in major Latin American destinations and says that this adoption of the crypto payments is due to the mass crypto adoption taking place all over Latin America, and being a diligent service provider, it just can’t back off from the initiative. This does prove the popularity of cryptocurrencies in Latin America and their growing need. 

A representative from GoldConnect issued a statement in which it was clear that this step is to ensure that the company’s interaction with its clients remains strong and flawless, and at the moment, adopting cryptocurrency seems to be the right thing, and this is exactly what this telecommunications giant has done. As other regions such as China are busy disrupting cryptocurrency and ridding their territories from any and all crypto activity, including mining, others such as Latin American countries are adopting cryptocurrency with open arms.

Hassan Mehmood (Saudi Arabia)

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