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A Statement From Ripple CEO Arises Speculations Among XRP Investors About Ripple Acquisitions

There are rumors arising continuously in the XRP community regarding the fact that the blockchain payment technology company Ripple is looking forward to more acquisitions. These speculations have been accelerated among XRP investors after they have heard some remarks related to this from the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Ripple Brad Garlinghouse.

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Potential Acquisitions

Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse recently appeared in an episode of Ripple Drop where he talked about the company’s plans regarding expanding its business. Garlinghouse said in a statement that the company is looking forward to growing and expanding its business furthermore strategically during the ongoing economic climate.

Garlinghouse particularly mentioned ‘potential acquisitions’ that the blockchain payment technology giant is planning on in the coming months. He stated:

“We need to be more prudent about business decisions, but we’ll also probably, because of the strengths we’re coming from, look at how we strategically grow the business and, you know, look at deals, look at investments, and potential acquisitions  in the coming months.”

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After this statement, investors from the XRP community took to XRP Chat a famous XRP-focused forum to discuss these remarks uttered by the Chief Executive of Ripple and speculations about Ripple acquisitions are growing among them now.

Furthermore, Garlinghouse pointed out that currently, almost all of the businesses around the whole world are facing certain challenges from the global pandemic and this includes the industry of cross-border payments as well.

However, Ripple’s CEO is sure that their business will flourish despite these challenges. He said:

“The volatility of the economy creates, you know, some uncertainty for global payments. On one hand, there’s no doubt that we live in a global interconnected world. There’s a lot of migrant workers, and you know, the pandemic may slow down some of that, but there’s no doubt that we’ll continue to move money around the world. I don’t think that’s gonna change anytime soon.”

It is the fact that the blockchain payment company Ripple is always focused on the growth and development of its ecosystem and its native digital currency XRP. And it is always making efforts for their mainstream adoption.

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