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ActivTrades Review – Is ActivTrades Scam or Legit?

ActivTrades Broker Rating
Account Types9.3
Trading Speed9.4
Customer Service9.2
Read our ActivTrades review and learn why we recommend this broker for online trading and why it is not a scam, learn all you need to know in this ActivTrades review before you sign up with the broker.

ActivTrades Review

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There’re many brokers in the financial market that offer their services to traders. So when you decide to avail the fruits of online trading, you’ve to take the services of any broker. The brokers guide you in every possible way, so you can be able to avail the benefits of online trading in this way. The financial market is fully crowded with brokers. There are good as well as bad brokers in the market like other fields. So it’s not easy to find the right broker, especially for new traders. Many new traders have lost their wealth because of the wrong brokers. They deprived the new traders of their wealth. So be careful in choosing a broker and making sure that the broker you are going to hire is not a fraud. Traders should do a little research and try to find the right and well-reputed broker. There are legal and well-reputed brokers that exist in the world of finance; ActivTrades is one of them. Traders should do comprehensive research about this broker before taking the services of ActivTrades. I’m going to share with you all the trading company features in this ActivTrades review, which will prove helpful for you in the future. 

Covid-19 shook the world’s economy as the lockdown period was a difficult time for the whole world. Many industries have to change the way they operated. However, this period created many remote jobs and forced the world to change its thinking. It will be true that 2021 is the year of the new business ideas because it brought many new profitable business ideas. Some of them are not new ideas, but they got popularity because of this pandemic. The people adopted new business ideas that are less risky and make a reasonable earning for themselves and their families.

There are many ways to earn money in the world. Online trading is one of them. People can earn millions by using online trading platforms. The popularity of online trading is increasing day by day. Online trading has become as simple as online shopping. Traders can do trading while sitting in a living room or coffee shop through a smartphone. You just need a strong internet connection, mobile, trading application, and required funds. Advancement in technology has made online trading just a piece of cake. Technological advancement has brought improvement in every field of life. Now, it’s up to the people to avail these opportunities and earn a handsome income. Traders can trade different financial instruments like commodities, equities, funds, and much more.  

Now the question is that how people can use trading platforms for earning? What do they have to do? I have the answer. I’ll try to provide you with all the necessary information about online trading. People have to invest in online trading. For this purpose, they have to take the services of brokers. 

Brief Introduction to ActivTrades

ActivTrades first established its head office in Switzerland, but then it moved to the United Kingdom in 2005. It is now offering its traders services to traders across the world. It started its journey as a forex broker but now covering nearly a thousand CFDs in six different categories. ActivTrades is regulated by the financial authority of the United Kingdom. ActivTrades has opened many branches in different countries.

Trading Platforms of ActivTrades

An efficient trading platform is the key feature of any broker. It should be proficient as well as effective. If the trading platform provided by a broker cannot fulfill the requirements of traders, it can make your whole trading journey worst. In such type of scenario, you can lose your wealth. Your trading career may end. Being a newbie, you are unaware of the ups and downs of the financial market. Here the role of a broker is vital because you totally rely on the broker. The financial market is volatile; it changes within seconds. So before choosing a broker, make sure that the broker fulfills the needs and requirements of all kinds of clients. There’s no need to worry after signing up with ActivTrades because it understands the needs and requirements of its users. ActivTrades provides clients with strong trading platforms. The trading platforms are web-based. ActivTrades offers MT4 and MT5 trading platforms. MT4 trading platform’s basic features are enhanced by smart tools, which make it a valuable and strong trading platform. It also supports an automated trading system. ActivTrades provides a friendly environment to its clients. The platforms are designed using advanced technologies. It provides unlimited benefits, including indicators, strategies, price alerts, etc. 

Trading Accounts

Every trader needs an account to participate in online trading activities. After opening an account with the broker, the traders can begin online trading. ActivTrades offers different types of trading accounts to its clients. The traders can open an account of their choice. Let me share the detail of these accounts. With trading accounts of ActivTrades, you can enjoy some premium features, including balance protection, direct execution, client protection, good customer support, multiple currencies, and easy deposit and withdrawal processes. 

ActivTrades website
  • Individual Account

An individual account is the first account that ActivTrades offers to its clients. The holders of an Individual account can avail of benefits including rewards, balance protection, price alerts, leverages warnings, and many others. 

  • Islamic Account

 ActivTrades also offers Islamic Account to the user base. This account is designed according to Islamic law. The account holders of this account type also enjoy the benefits of other accounts.

Free Demo

Only a few brokers equip their users with a chance to use a free demo account. ActivTrades offers a free demo facility and also wins the hearts of traders. It is a golden opportunity for novice traders who wander here and there in search of trading exposure. They can easily grasp trading methods and strategies via a free demo account. With a demo facility, you don’t have to deposit funds, but you can enjoy all trading facilities. It is a good way to know how the trading process works. You can place bets or trades without adding funds to your account. If your trades fail, you won’t lose your money. You can learn trading and all its tricks and strategies without even paying for it, thanks to ActivTrades. 

Trading Instruments

Investors prefer those brokerage firms that provide a broad range of trading instruments. The professional and expert traders don’t want to bind their investment to a limited range. They don’t want to put eggs in one basket. It’s better to invest in different trading instruments according to your choice. Before signing up with a broker, the traders should check the list of trading instruments offered by the broker. 

ActivTrades understands this specific need of investors and lists a wide range of trading instruments.  ActivTrades is the place where you can find all types of assets, including forex, commodities, indices, and shares. Traders are free to invest in trading instruments of their choice. 

Security Policy

Security is a very important aspect that cannot be compromised. Many companies and firms manipulate the data of the clients to earn money without the clients’ consent. Many brokers don’t pay attention to security policies. The clients have to share personal information in order to use the trading platform. Broker always ask clients the needed information before giving their services. There is no need to worry after signing up with ActivTrades as it gives priority to its clients’ privacy. It takes all necessary steps for the protection of information provided by the clients. ActivTrades reserved round about $ 1 million as fund protection insurance. ActivTrades uses a robust method for the protection of information and money. It takes all necessary measures to provide a safe and secure trading platform to the clients.

Registration Method

ActivTrades kept its registration process very simple. It doesn’t demand information in detail like other brokers. Many brokers ask their clients to provide information in detail, which is irritative for the clients. Nowadays life is very busy; people don’t have enough time as they want quick and simple things. ActivTrades always considers the needs of the clients. In order to get registered with ActivTrades, just visit their website and enter the required information. After putting in the required information, you have to agree with the broker’s terms and conditions in order to use the trading platform. Clients have to put their name, phone number, email, and password in the registration form.

Deposits and Withdrawal Methods

Before signing up with a broker, traders should make sure that they are getting convenience in every possible way. Most brokers offer limited options to deposit money. There’s a possibility that you are not comfortable with provided methods. But on the other side, ActivTrades understand the needs and requirements of traders. It provides its clients safe and secure methods for depositing money. Clients can choose their favorite payment options for deposits and withdrawals. But the whole process proceeds according to AML rules and regulations. While other brokers demand high minimum deposits, ActivTrrades sets its minimum limit at $100. 

Benefits Provided by ActivTrades

As per its website, ActivTrades has won four awards for its remarkable services. So, it is an award-winning trading company that lets you earn thousands of dollars on the trading of top-notch trading products, including commodities, forex, shares, and stocks. But it is not offering digital assets, and for cryptocurrency trading, you have to find another reliable broker. 

Unlike many other renowned trading firms, ActivTrades provides its users an option to learn things via a demo account. It has specially rolled out this feature for novice traders. However, professional traders can enjoy using this facility to sharpen their trading skills. 

As you know, trading tools enhance the capability of traders to earn high returns on trading bets. So, ActivTrades has listed multiple tools, which in turn assist traders in doing technical analysis. These tools include SmartOrder 2, SmartLines, SmartCalculator, SmartTemplate, SmartForecast, SmartPattern, and Pivot Points Indicator. Using tools before making important decisions is a good strategy that traders normally utilize. 

ActivTrades has been offering rewards to its users since its establishment. If you have a mind to avail these rewards, you will have to refer this site to family and friends. On every successful referral, you will get rewards from the trading company. The website claims that users can earn up to $1000 if they join the referral program of the trading firm. Similarly, ActivTrades has also given a golden chance to achieve cashback rewards. For this, you have to join the Cashback Programme of the company, and after that, you will claim a cashback reward on every trade. 

Education and Research at ActivTrades

ActivTrades knows the importance of education and training; that’s why they have rolled out the facility of education and training for traders and investors. Nobody can succeed without proper knowledge and training in any field of life. If someone wants to be successful, then he or she should take proper education and training. These rules also apply in online trading. It is mandatory, especially for new traders, to get proper knowledge and training about online trading. If they neglect this aspect, they can face problems in making the right decisions. They can lose their money because of a lack of knowledge and proper training. But there’s no need to worry at all because ActivTrades doesn’t leave the clients alone. 

ActivTrades provides the clients with the facility of smart tools, one-on-one training, video collection, webinars, and much more. ActivTrades also provides webinar-based training and educational courses. Traders can learn basic trading ideas, trading theories, and free instruction about online trading. Additionally, AcrtivTrades offers one-on-one training in which professionals teach beginner traders how to utilize the trading platform and trading tools. You can take help from the given educational resource material to overcome shortcomings. With regular training, you can learn easily about online trading and can make the right decisions depending on the situation. In this way, your trading journey will become easy and pleasant. 

In the “Glossary” section, you will find the definitions of all important terms which are used in the trading world. If you are having some confusion, you can solve your issues by surfing the Glossary part of the website. Educational videos are rolled out for those who feel uncomfortable while reading things. Visual support and sound allow traders to understand complex things in a simple way. However, educational manuals are also present if users want to go further.  

Easy To Use

Ease of use really matters in the online trading sector as complex things create a lot of problems and issues for both novice and professional traders. So, developers kept this thing in mind when they were developing the site. The front page is integrated and colorful, thus creating an attractive look. Ease of use is one of the major goals of the broker, and it has become successful in attaining this goal. Users can easily reach their destinations with guidance provided by the versatile website of ActivTrades. 

The user interface of ActivTrades is developed keeping in mind the considerations and preferences of traders. The colorful integration of buttons and sections fascinates users as they like to continue trading with ActivTrades. 

Active Customer Support

Customer support’s role is very important in online trading. All the high claims made by the broker are useless with poor customer support. Poor customer support is not good for the reputation of a broker. It’s a moral duty of a broker to provide efficient active customer support to its clients. In this way, the traders can make the right decisions in difficult situations. You’ll be happy to know that ActivTrades is a sincere and dedicated broker. It facilitates clients with great customer support. It gives priority to its users and tries to satisfy them in every possible way. ActivTrades offers its customer support facility in fourteen languages. You can get in touch with staff through contact number, email, or call back facility. Active live chat facility is also available on the platform of ActivTrades. Customer service is available 24/7. There’s a FAQs section where you can get answers to your questions. A sincere and hardworking staff is there to help the clients. 

Your queries can be solved promptly because the trading firm lets live chat active 24-hours a day. The professional customer support care team prefers to solve clients’ issues on a priority basis. In the latest survey, it comes out that 95% of customers are fully satisfied with the trading broker. You should also know that the email average response time is 27 min which is a very attractive thing as compared to other brokers. 


ActivTrades is offering premium features and functionalities to users as we know it is an award-winning broker. It is a regulated broker as it has got legal authority from regulatory agencies to provide different trading operations. It has some prominent features such as a referral program, cashback rewards, 24-hours live chat support, demo account, and access to a wide range of trading marketplaces. It supports multiple languages as it is a global trading platform where traders across the world can participate in the trading process.

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