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AI Battlefield’s Role Discussed as Putin Stakes New Policy Stance

As global leaders join to form mutual policies concerning artificial intelligence (AI) development, policymakers seek to utilize the technology in future battlefields. This includes Vladimir Putin, Russia’s president.

During a recent conference on artificial intelligence, Putin stressed the need to prevent the West from being permitted to monopolize the technology. A Friday report showed he is ready to advance a robust Russian artificial intelligence strategy.

Significance of AI Technology

During the Artificial Intelligence Journey conference, Putin claimed that signing a presidential decree would soon be one of the initial steps. Additionally, the approval of a new version of the national strategy for AI development will take place.

Competition among Google, Microsoft, and Amazon to introduce improved artificial intelligence to the public has been equated to a nuclear arms contest. This happens despite an artificial intelligence arms race between China and the U.S.


In this case, top American military contractors, which include General Dynamics, Lockheed Martin, and Raytheon, are making artificial intelligence technology for military activities. Shield AI, a San Diego-founded firm, is also working on combat artificial intelligence. The company was recently featured in Unknown: Killer Robots, a Netflix documentary.

Shield AI is a United States aerospace and defense tech firm established in 2015 by brothers Ryan Tseng and Brandon Tseng alongside Andrew Reiter. It is behind the Nova line of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) already utilized by the country’s military in urban areas where radio frequencies or global positioning system (GPS) are nonexistent.

AI Embraced War

Automated war machines can offer visions of the T-800 from the Terminator Series. However, Logan claims the introduction of artificial intelligence to the battlefield is to save lives. Willie Logan, Shield AI’s Director of Engineering, told a media outlet that Nova’s success entails pushing a button to explore a building.

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In this case, it would fly into the building, spin around to perceive the environment, and come up with verdicts founded on what must be done. The overall objective was to offer ground fighters perspectives into what was in the building before walking in. Shield AI uses the term ‘the hivemind’ to refer to its artificial intelligence software.

Logan explained the variation between an artificial intelligence-powered unmanned aerial vehicle and one guided by people. He said that rather than a human instructing the unmanned aerial vehicle how to fly and wait for the operator to pick a target, artificial intelligence is programmed to identify and follow the object after its discovery.

Besides incorporating artificial intelligence brains into drones, Shield AI collaborated with Kratos Defense, a defense contractor, to include an artificial intelligence pilot in the Valkyrie, its unmanned XQ-58A fighter jet. Last month, the company revealed the $200M investment raise, offering it a valuation of $2.7B.

The United States military has significantly invested in leveraging artificial intelligence, including generative artificial intelligence, to carry out virtual military actions based on military documents in the artificial intelligence model.

Factors Contributing to the Growth of AI Technologies

In August, Kathleen Hicks, the Department of Defense Deputy Secretary, disclosed the Pentagon’s Replicator initiative that seeks to ‘send out attritable independent systems at the scale of several thousands, in numerous spheres, within the next one and a half to two years.’

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Helsing, a European AI defense developer, is an example of other developers developing battlefield artificial intelligence. In September, it revealed it raised $233M in Series B funding, including from Saab, a Swedish aircraft and vehicle manufacturer behind the creation of the Gripen fighter jet.

Logan claimed that despite the killer robots idea being excellent for a Hollywood hit, artificial intelligence entails protecting people while keeping them in the loop. Logan stressed Shield AI’s shield part by saying that the firm is giving a deterrence by offering this capability to the U.S.

He warned that even if the nation claimed it would not develop artificial intelligence tools for war, it does not mean other nations would not. Logan claimed that being at the forefront of technology and developing it most appropriately can prevent bad actors from doing it wrong. 

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