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Algo-Affiliates Crypto and Forex Affiliate Network Review 2019

Affiliate programs are the best and safest way to earn bags of money but it requires you to be dedicated to the work. There are thousands of affiliate programs out there in the markets but the offers that suit you the most is the important thing. And there are various business plans for these affiliate programs such as CPA affiliate programs.

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And out of all those affiliate offers according to the categories of niches, Forex and Crypto offers can provide you an opportunity to earn a pile of money as an affiliate marketer. The selection of the best offers for earning more and more is a difficult task and requires a lot of time.

To solve all of your confusion and problems for the selections of more fortunate and credible offers for affiliation, Algo Affiliates is here to serve you in this regard.


  • Algo Affiliates Overview
  • Best CPA Network
  • Algo-Affiliates as a Crypto Affiliate Network
  • Algo-Affiliates as Forex Affiliate Network
  • Defining Features of Algo Affiliates
  • Professional Working Team
  • Security and Transparency
  • Conclusion

Algo Affiliates Overview

Algo Affiliates is the world growing CPA Network that offers the most exciting offers for partners and provides them with a handsome amount for advertising Crypto, CFDs and Forex projects. The team behind the startup is highly professional and is committed to providing services with utmost responsibility.

The company is providing most encouraging high-quality traffic to more than 125 reputable brokers in more than 25 different countries and has 200 multilingual exciting offers. The updated technology implied by the network is fully optimized and tracking every click in real-time so that every affiliate marketer will be able to earn on any action.

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Best CPA Network

CPA network is the one that acts as a third party between the affiliates and product or service providers such as brokers in this case. The software of network monitored every action which is done by a visitor on the broker site through the referral link of the marketer and then paid for the action to affiliates.

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Algo Affiliates is the best CPA network in terms of security and trust scores that help the affiliates to earn on cost per action (CPA) with high a commission rate. These actions include when traffic creates an account on the broker platform, made some deposits, trade assets, and subscribed to newsletters.

Algo-Affiliates as a Crypto Affiliate Network

The cryptocurrency brokers want significant and effective traffic in the form of traders and investors. The industry has become popular in recent years and it revolutionized the whole financial system and the world is moving from the traditional banking system towards the online banking system.

The crypto platforms wanted to engage more and more traders and other ways of advertising, excluding the affiliate system are somewhat expensive. Therefore, they are offering various affiliate programs depending on business models and one of these models is CPA (Cost per Action).

Algo Affiliates is one of the best CPA networks who are providing the crypto affiliates programs for their partner marketers and assist them with the most innovating technology and tools to get real-time traffic to make thousands of dollars in a week.

The provider companies and startups for these cryptocurrency referral programs include cryptocurrency exchanges and brokers, Trade Signal Providers, Retail businesses, online casinos accepting payments in crypto, and adult sites such as dating and entertainment sites who accept payments in digital currency.

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Algo-Affiliates as Forex Affiliate Network

As you know Algo Affiliates is linked with more than 150 giant brokers across the world which makes it a leading platform. As I have mentioned earlier that selection of offers from a credible broker site is a difficult task and Algo Affiliates is doing it free for you.

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You don’t need to monetize one offer for marketing because it has hundreds of exciting projects on which you can work and earn more and more commission. As it is a CPA based network, you will earn by making leads such as when traffic makes an account on Forex broker site or trade some assets or just subscribed through the link, affiliates will be paid on every action made by traffic.

Defining Features of Algo Affiliates

High Commission:

Algo Affiliates is the leading platform who is committed to providing the affiliates with the highest commission rates in the market. But these commission rates vary depending on the region and traffic. If you are in search of a CPA network who is providing handsome commission then it the best platform for you.

High Conversion rate:

Algo Affiliates is also known for its highest conversion rate and EPCs (earnings per clicks). The conversion rate can be optimized if the managing marketer is efficient and has experience. The network team consists of affiliate managers which assist you in providing the best-optimized tools for the growth of conversions.

Pay on Time:

Affiliates who are going to be partnered with the network don’t need to worry about payout at all because Algo Affiliates take care of their partnered affiliates and pay them on time. However, there are scammers in the market who can scam you at the time of payout. But this is not the case with Algo Affiliate as users have very positive comments over the network credibility.

Cutting Edge Systems:

The application of advanced technology makes it more stunning network. The cutting-edge systems of Algo Affiliates track every click and action. The whole data of every partnered affiliate is under the strict scrutiny of the company and pay on the basis of this tracked data.

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Good Customer Support:

The customer support section is the most important part of any startup or company and sometimes considered as a criterion to evaluate the company or network. As mentioned on the first landing page of the Algo Affiliates that the professional team is ready to help the users 24/7.

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Professional Working Team

Algo Affiliates has a professional and well-experienced team which helps the expert as well as the beginner affiliates. They have affiliate managers who strived to assist the users of the network to gain more quality traffic and to earn thousands of dollars by creating some value.

If you have experience in the marketing field then managers will support you with the latest marketing tools and materials. But if you are a newcomer then they will teach you how to be a more effective and optimized version of yourself in the affiliate market world.

Security and Transparency

Security and transparency are the two most important pillars which should not be neglected before opting or using any site or platform. The security is the thing which people demand the most. On the basis of users’ reviews, we can say that it is the best CPA network for Forex and crypto affiliates.

Transparency, on the other hand, is very important and it should be developed between the affiliates and the affiliate networks. Algo Affiliates demand from their partnered affiliates to be honest about their marketing skills and at the time of application. Transparency is very important for a long-term relationship and for effective results.


Algo Affiliates is a leading CPA Network that aims to develop a transparent link with the affiliates to make an effective and optimized ecosystem by participating in the Crypto and Forex affiliate programs. The instant payout on time and higher conversions make it popular among the people interested in affiliate marketing.


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