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Animoca Brands’ Forj Unveils ApeCoin Community Accelerator

Animoca Brands’ Forj claims it settled for ApeCoin since it possesses the most concerted and socially involved community in Web3.

On Tuesday, Forj, a nonfungible token (NFT) creators platform owned by Animoca Brands, unveiled the Ape Accelerator’s launch. This is a community-guided launchpad and an accelerator financed by the ApeCoin decentralized autonomous organization (DAO).

The statement shared with the news outlet showed that Forj was tasked with the responsibility of developing the accelerator following the approval of the AIP-209 initiative.

ApeCoin Community Accelerator Targets Ongoing Projects

Harry Liu, Forj’s chief executive officer, said their choice to launch on ApeCoin was influenced by its highly cooperative and socially involved community in Web3.’ Further, he said that ensuring further support for the Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC)-themed token is the primary objective. This entails exploiting the numerous existing projects in the community.


According to Liu, the focus will be on already-running projects rather than those in the infancy phase. He said they intend to take projects from 1-2 and mentioned the need to attain a threshold to ensure their eligibility.

Prepared for nonfungible tokens in the entertainment, music, collectibles, and gaming sectors, Forj was an excellent contender since it has supervised numerous projects with ‘verified track records.’

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Besides, it has a vast presence, given its affiliations to the Animoca Brands. Animoca involves a famous video game publisher as well as a metaverse investor.

Liu claimed that over the past two years, Forj has been significantly involved in the BAYC community. As such, it understood what is mainly required amid a demanding bear market. Further, he admitted that times are difficult, particularly amidst a falling APE price tag. CoinGecko’s findings show that it has experienced a drop of 76.2% on the year, trading at $1.07.

Forj Chief Executive Hails Benefits of Quality Metaverse Projects

Liu took a practical approach and revealed to a news agency that despite the bankroll being crucial and the metaverse being down over the past several years, those in space are still ‘great-quality products.’ He added that individuals are there for the culture, not the paycheck.

Liu claims this platform is the first of its kind, in which all things are in the DAO’s hands, or a decentralized community comprising holders of ApeCoin tokens who vote on different initiatives.

While the ApeCoin decentralized autonomous organization is solely a grant-funded collective, the accelerator will offer a more all-inclusive platform to back up upcoming initiatives via its services. Further, the Forj team claims that the Ape Accelerator will comprise two elements, including the launch pad and the accelerator. 

The launch pad provides holders of ApeCoin the opportunity to back projects produced by the accelerator. On the other hand, the accelerator permits traditional startup acceleration structures, including tokenomics and go-to-market strategy planning.

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Ape Accelerator Offers Range of Capital Distribution Relative to Projects’ Unique Conditions

Through the newly made launchpad, the Ape Accelerator will also provide projects the opportunity to generate funding via digital assets sales to permitted KYC’ed ApeCoin holders. The target capital distribution will range between $250000 to $1M based on every project’s conditions.

Liu said that despite a Web3 accelerator’s long presence in the space, with numerous comparable platforms being introduced lately, the notion of a DAO-governed accelerator particularly stressed that developing an ecosystem at scale’ is a new frontier. For him, introducing this kind of platform has two primary objectives, including evoking mass adoption and addressing the bear market’s major problems. 

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