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Apex Legends Star Dismisses AI’s Immediate Replacement of Human Voice Actors

In a recent statement, Ben Prendergast indicated that artificial intelligence (AI) would occupy the uncanny valley. The star who voices Tyr within the God of War Ragnarok, besides Fuse in Apex Legends, considers the immediate replacement of humans by AI impossible. 

Veteran Actor Draws Experience to Discredit Generative AI in Voice Acting

While the veteran actor acknowledges that the discovery of generative AI brought Hollywood to an unexpected halt, its capability to replace talent is unviable. Prendergast considers that human voice actors feel threatened by AI as a reason for the SAG-AFTRA and Writer’s Guild strike. 

The Australian actor who has previously engaged in video games, television, film, and theater segments considers that AI would not sustain the mantle to replace human voice actors in the long run.


Prendergast is famous in gaming for his involvement in voicing the Australian gunman Fuse within the Electronic Arts’ shooter Apex Legends. Also, the actor voiced the god Tyr within the God of War Ragnarok by Sony and Patroclus in Hades by Supergiant Games. 

Prendergast considers that AI-powered actors and voices portray a similar nature to the 3D movies invention. He labels the latter as an imperfect innovation, unable to retain its long-term appeal. He adds that both are watchable though they hardly resonate with humanity.

Prendergast Likens AI-Powered Voice Acting to Three-Dimensional Movies

Prendergast’s observation to liken three-dimensional movies revisits the latter’s journey, where they became popular in 2009. The 3D innovation led to the Avatar film by James Cameron though interest declined by 2017 as audiences lost interest. The feature attracted the gimmick label, with the 3D-based films only accounting for 6% of the global box office by 2021. 

Prendergast alleges that audiences will ditch the AI-generated actor. The majority of the audience would likely indicate the performance lacks real elements, thus unable to secure a genuine human connection. Progressively, the uncanny valley would gradually distract viewers from the AI-generated actors. 

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Prendergast admits that even when leveraging the most advanced technology, one realizes a point of declining marginal utility. He added that the information recipient would dismiss it even with the knowledge it is AI, indicating the complete divorce from humanity. 

Prendergast echoes the argument by voice actors questioning the AI models from training using human actors’ work. He questioned the rationale of AI models when they fail to contact and compensate the voice talent. He expressed pessimism in cloning the real actors’ voices within the game-themed pornography.

AI Models Unable to Draw Experience as Human Actors in Their Artistry 

Unlike the AI models, Prendergast considers human actors as drawing their experiences to deliver informed performances. He cites the instance of inspiration as facilitating him to integrate Fuse into life within the Apex Legends. He indicates that when doing Fuse within the booth, he would channel his dad, whose sound matches Fuse. The connection makes the performance close to humanity as it mirrors offering his father to the world. 

Prendergast confessed to working with Sam Gill, the lead writer for the Fuse character. He played a critical role in fine-tuning the voice lines and offering various tone and pitch interpretations. He indicated that AI could not match the capability to adjust, riff, and test fresh input as attained in the Apex Legends.

Prendergast ruled out the capability of AI writing and producing using his voice in a manner the human actor can accomplish. He indicated that he could do a single line in 100 different ways. 

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Prendergast indicated that human actors could leverage their artistry to do lines in a manner informed by experience to resonate with other characters and humanity context in the target audience.

AI Would Struggle to Replace Human Voice Acting

Prendergast considers that vocal range blends with human intuition and delivery variations constitute crucial elements in voice acting that AI would struggle to replace. The veteran actor admits that though it is difficult to foretell in certainty, he confidently indicates that humans have an edge over generative AI. 

Prendergast confesses that while dismissing AI’s potential to replace human actors could prove wrong, he has already demonstrated exceptional expertise in his assignments. He adds that as a veteran, he is aware of how audiences respond to real actors, unlike what other producers think.

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