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Arbitrum Airdrop – All You Need To Know

A newly launched chain referred to as Arbitrum layer 2 (Blockchain) is progressing at an astoundingly fast pace. Ruled-up technology is kept in view while building it. It not only reduces the large transaction fee range but also helps in exploring more about the security feature of Ethereum

The voting of a specific user is directly derived from tokens that have been delegated. Delegators refer to those traders who are strictly committed to being consistent in work. It is extremely important in gathering appropriate transactions.


After a lot of anticipation from various sources, Arbitrum gets its position as a token. Different rumours about airdrop spread on the launch of this token in approximately 2021. Again 2022 brings a lot of question series regarding Arbitrum’s status. 


The full swing of rumours about Arbitrum arose in 2023, which in turn provoked it to merge into the financial market. After a lot of predictions, contradictions, or up and down, Arbitrum is finally regarded as a token. 

Distribution of Arbitrum Tokens 

1.162 billion Arbitrum tokens were airdropped to the user’s wallet on 23rd March 2023. This estimation represents that 11.62% of the entire token supply, which is approximately equal to 10 billion tokens of Arbitrum, is airdropped. Out of 625143 eligible users who meet the range of eligibility criteria, approximately 245000 users are capable of the airdrop

The median airdrop is 1250 Arbitrum tokens. This refers to token distribution. This is maintained by Arbitrum token holders via governance (Arbitrum Improvement Proposals AIP). This airdrop feature also predicts the first step of a team of Arbitrum towards decentralization of the chain in the financial community. It should be done carefully to ensure performance with negligible errors.

Airdrop Eligibility Criteria 

Different criteria have been set to analyze the users who are capable of airdropping or not. The criteria are also built to determine the size of each user’s air drop. These criteria correspond to: 

  • Transaction months range on Arbitrum.
  • Collection value of transactions.
  • Users Arbitrum activity.
  • Several smart contracts are made by a specific user.

This criterion is quite worth full in suggesting which user can get Airdrop service or not. On the other hand, each criterion is further broken down into several parts, corresponding to more airdrops which lead toward a high band.

Anti-Sybil Criteria

Similarly, anti-Sybil criteria are also built to remove points from the user’s status. It includes:

  • The user has less than 0.005 ETH in his wallet. Besides the low range, he is not able to interact with more than one smart contract.
  • In a 48-hour period, he completed all transactions.
  • A user can easily analyze and check the criteria on the webpage of Arbitrum. He can determine whether he is eligible for airdrop or not.

Arbitrum and DAO Treasuries Allocation

Similar to airdrops to individuals, Arbitrum tokens are also allocated to DAO treasuries. The criteria for DAO treasuries include

  • When several daily transactions are accomplished on protocols.
  • Analyze whether the protocol is Arbitrum native or multichip.
  • Knowing the financial value of transactions.
  • The distribution of Arbitrum tokens to DAO treasuries brings more diverse strengthening of Arbitrum token holders to decentralize the chain more and more across the market. 

Nansen’s Contribution towards Arbitrum 

Since exact distribution does not come into consideration, Nansen just gives a chart showing distribution along with contract logs by various entities. Nansen collaborated with Arbitrum to analyze airdrop thoroughly. With this distribution of tokens to Arbitrum DAO treasuries, individuals, and protocols, approximately 55 percent or more of the total range will be effectively divided among the financial community.

Investor and Team Allocations 

The remaining billion tokens will be allocated to a 4-year lockup. The first lockup will come in the upcoming year, dated 23rd March 2023. From this time onwards, subsequent lockups are made with a time interval gap of one month. According to estimation, it will come to an end on 23rd March 2027. This team and investor allocation strategy is very magnificent in determining the future perspective of Arbitrum.

Final Verdict 

With more airdrops, Arbitrum is becoming a well-known token in the financial market. Make sure to be eligible for airdrops. In various concerns, Arbitrum is a good thing for all traders who are stuck off with high transaction deductions. Follow the Arbitrum page on CoinMarketCap to know the real price range of Arbitrum when it goes live.

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