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Aroxcapital Review – Is a Legit Trading Platform?

Aroxcapital Broker Rating
Aroxcapital is a great webtrader that ensures you will have a good trading experience. Their multitude of features ensures that you will trade at your best always. More importantly, with the assets that they offer you can greatly diversify your portfolio. Keep reading to learn more.
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Aroxcapital Review


Throughout the past decade a lot has changed. The internet has become significantly faster and versatile, allowing people to make entire careers just by sitting at home. Technology, specifically mobile phones, saw an incredibly massive spike in power, allowing people to essentially have small computers to carry around.

But possibly the most significant thing to happen in the past decade was that trading saw a massive spike in popularity. Specifically cryptocurrencies saw a spike in interest when people started to become overnight millionaires.

With all of these three things coming together, getting into trading has never been easier. Now, you can trade from the palm of your hand, and trade whenever you want, whatever you want, wherever you want. And if you are looking to get into the trading market but don’t know where to start, then Aroxcapital might just be what you are looking for. 

AssetsCrypto, Indices, Forex, Stocks, Commodities
Maximum Leverage1:30 (1:200 for Professional Accounts)
Minimum Spreads0.1
Trading PlatformMobile, Web, Desktop
Account TypesBronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Premium
Trading CommissionsYes (Up to 50% Discount)
SecurityEncryption, 2FA Authentication
Minimum Deposit200 USD/EUR/GBP

What is Aroxcapital?

Aroxcapital is an online trader dedicated to helping you ease into the trading market and then learn your way around things. Think of them like an inflatable tube that can help you swim in the deeper side of the pool. Many people who start out trading with a broker have close to no experience trading, so Traders like Aroxcapital is there to fill out some of the blanks.


Not only do they connect you to the most reputable assets in the market, but they also provide you with a great trading platform that you can use. All of this combines to make an overall great experience. While this is all certainly great, you might still be wondering how this actually works. Here is how they help.

Aroxcapital website

What Do They Do?

Simply put, Aroxcapital is a trading platform that you can use to help you connect to different assets to invest and trade into. They are essentially middlemen who take the money you give them and invest into the assets that you want, and then offer the profits if there are any.

Obviously they do keep a small percentage to themselves, but that is only fair seeing the service that they offer. And when you are done, you can choose a myriad of methods to withdraw your cash any time you would like.

Their Trading Platform

Despite what you might believe, trading is not easy. In fact, it can often times be very frustrating when things don’t go your way. Sometimes, you earn boat loads of money from a single asset, and sometimes you can barely earn the same amount from ten. All in all, it can be a very trying experience.

Therefore, when you are bound to be frustrated from time to time with how things are going in the market, the last thing you would want is a bad trading platform. Difficulties and challenges based around the market can make you feel good, and feel like you are getting a challenge. But you would never want to face challenges from the trading platform that you are trying to use.

Well Optimized and Easy to Use

Fortunately, when you are using Aroxcapital to trade online, you don’t have to worry about all those other problems. Aroxcapital makes use of well optimized and modern software that makes trading just that much easier for everyone involved.

More importantly, the trading software is very easy to use, especially for people who are not as tech savvy. Technology just comes slower to some people and there is nothing be ashamed about it. Besides, why would you want to jump through several hoops just to do a simple task? Instead, you would want an easy streamlined experience that doesn’t waste your time and helps you get straight to the point.

Trade Anywhere at Any time

With the broader appeal of trading in recent years, it has attracted all sorts of people. Some prefer dedicating time to trade, and others would rather trade whenever they have the time. And with the help of the trading platform that Aroxcapital offers, you can easily trade no matter which type of trading you prefer.

Furthermore, their trading platform is intuitive to use on both your phone and your laptop. By allowing people to use whatever platform they want to trade on, they can make their own choices. They can also trade however they want, catering to two very distinct types of traders.

There are no annoying cropping or clippings throughout your phone. The trader fits phones perfectly and adjusts accordingly depending on the device you are using. All in all, you will have a great time when you are trading with this trader.

Learn On the Go

While it is always good to get a proper course to learn more about trading, it can be cumbersome to switch between two different apps to learn. So why not have a platform that allows you to access all of its learning material right from their app.

While we will go into more depth about what they offer in terms of education content, the fact that you can access them right there on the platform is quite great. You can even access all of the webinars they have and move onto implement what you learned on the market. 

The Assets They Offer

And now we move onto the main reason that you are here in first place, the trading assets. While the trading platform, security, and customer support are also important things, what really makes the deal are the assets that they have available. If they don’t have the assets that you want, then you will either have to settle for less or move onto another.

Since this can be such a deal breaker, Aroxcapital understand just how important it is to get this right. They have a wide selection of assets for you to choose from. Between cryptocurrencies, CFDs, and Forex trading, you won’t have to go looking anywhere else.

Aroxcapital crypto trading


People who are usually looking to get into trading want to start with cryptocurrencies. Seeing how it became one of the most popular trading assets in a matter of a few short years, people became infatuated with the idea of getting rich off the crypto market.

Aroxcapital offers some of the most well known assets that you can find online. Bitcoin, Litecoin, Etherium, and even ZeeCoin are quite easy to find. You can also find much smaller coins that you can watch grow and become successful. Coins like dogecoin are also here if you are planning on joining the reddit movement.


The Forex trading market is another massive market that deals in the exchange and trade of foreign currency. They can be a little confusing to people who are just starting out, but it does become much easier to understand over time.

They offer a good spread throughout as well as great leverage, ensuring that you have the best trading experience. You can easily find all of the most common and well known currencies to expand into, and diversify your portfolio.


CFDs are another very popular trading asset that has been all of the buzz lately. Most people who have a very keen interest in trading stock are especially looking into it, seeing how it is a very unique way to trade.

Aroxcapital’s good spread is especially helpful here considering, it can really rake in the profits. They have plenty of companies available that you can invest into either for the short term or the long run.


This is one of the assets that most old school traders prefer. Stocks have been around for a long time, and trading in them has rarely changed over the past few decades. And when trading in indices, they are able to use their market knowledge and years of experience to their advantage.

When trading with them, they offer you the most favorable positions and can help you decide if you should invest or not. Using your knowledge and your experience, you can easily make smart decisions that lead to great profits. But even if you are new, don’t be too afraid to experiment with it and try out how it works.

Different Trading Accounts for Different Traders

Traders like Aroxcapital will get a lot of customers who are looking to trade. Some of them are new to the market, whereas others can have some experience, and some have been around for a long time. Either way, there is a very diverse group of traders who make their way to webtraders. Therefore, to better cater to these different skill sets, they offer different accounts for people to use.

Aroxcapital offer a total of three accounts, each of which differs extensively depending on the money that you deposit. And each of them help in trading in separate ways, essentially making you a better trader.

Beginner Account

The first account that they have is the beginner account, which is perfect for someone either looking to get in or who is skeptical of the service. The barrier to entry is very low, essentially meaning that people who want to try out the service can do so without having to make a very big commitment.

Of course, due to the basic nature of the account type, you will not have many extra features. Features like specialized news or the a consultant will not be available. But it is a good entry point and you do get access to the trading platform and ll the options that follow.

Intermediate Account

This account is for people who have some experience in the field or just generally don’t have much money to spend on trading. The barrier to entry is much higher than the basic package, but not too high that somewhat experienced traders would not want to join.

With this plan they will get access to features like the news alerts and a few sessions with an expert consultant. Intermediate players will also have more leverage and a better spread that they can use when trading CFDs. Overall, it is a significant improvement over the basic account, and acts as a great place for traders to improve their craft.

Professional Account

The professional account is the last account here and is the one specifically intended for people who have a considerable amount of skill and experience in the field. These traders know exactly what they are doing, and they have the funds to get access to all of the more premium features. Of course, the barrier to entry is quite high.

The professional account offers its users advanced features like an account manager, a professional consultant, and a one on one trading trainer. By far they have some of the best features that you can find, ensuring that they are able to trade at their best.

Deposits and Withdrawals

Obviously, if you are earning your profits, you are certainly earning them to one day spend them. As for your account, it will need more money depending on how often you are trading and making a profit. Simply put, when looking for a good web trader, you want them to have good and simple methods of depositing and withdrawing your money.

Luckily, when trading with Aroxcapital, you don’t have to worry much about depositing and withdrawing your money. Both of these are very seamless, and you don’t have to struggle much when trying to get your money or depositing it.

Wire Transfer

This is possibly the most common ways that people send money, especially large sums that you could otherwise not send through other means. Wire transfers are available for both withdrawing and depositing money into your account.

These wire transfers are very safe, so you don’t have to worry about if you will get your money or not. Soon after you wire the money through, you will be able to see the money inside you account. And from there you just have to trade.

Credit Card Transfer

This is only for deposits and is one of the easier ways that you can transfer money into your trading account. It is fast and reliable. You just need to add your credit card information into the website and just like that you will be able to add money into your account.

Their incredible security plays a vital role in keeping your information safe while you trade. It is simple and easy, ensuring that you don’t have to bother yourself too much when you want to focus on trading.

Bank Transfer

Finally they also offer bank transfers for both withdrawing and depositing funds. It is also the slowest way that you can deposit or receive your money. However, it is also one of the safest, as there is rarely any chance that the bank will mess up your transaction. Moreover, if you are withdrawing money through a bank transfer, your money will go right into your account.

Remember Your Transfer Limits

While there is o limit on how much you can deposit in your trading account, there is a limit on how much you withdraw. This limit even exists if you have a premium account, so it is worth remembering how much you can withdraw. You can find out more about your withdrawal limits by visiting their website.

Other Great Features

Now that you have a better understanding of what Aroxcapital is and what they do, let’s go into why you should use them to trade. Aroxcapital is no ordinary trader. In fact, it has some aces up its sleeve that give you the edge over other traders in the market. And if there is something that you always want when trading is an edge.

With the help of Aroxcapital, you will not only have an advantage, but you will also learn how to take advantage of that advantage. Here are just a few features that will allow you to trade better from the get go.

Fully Integrated Learning Experience

One of the best things about trading is that you don’t need any prerequisites when starting. You don’t need a dedicated degree, diploma, or years of experience in the field. As long as you can access the internet and have money that needs investing, you can trade.

However, that doesn’t mean there is nothing to learn in the first place. Quite the opposite. You have plenty to learn when you are just starting out. You need to learn how the market functions, what to look for when the asset is about to drop, and how to tell if a particular asset will be profitable or not.

Although there is no way of confirming whether any of the things we mentioned earlier will happen, there are certain factors that can help you make an educated guess. And that is where Aroxcapital helps you the most.

They have a variety of different articles, ebooks, and blog posts that share a lot of information about the market, what happens around it, and all of the information that you need to know. Of course, beginners are not the only ones who will be using Aroxcapital. If you are someone who is somewhat familiar with the market, you alsol have a large selection of learning material to go through.

In some cases, people would rather prefer to earn thoruhg trial and error. But if you do not have a lot of money to burn through, then learning is a good way to minimize the risks that you would take when trading.

News Alerts and Price Alerts

In the higher accounts, Aroxcapital also offers their clients a feature that can help anyone: news alerts. Even veterans will appreciate this feature, as it allows them to make better decisions. Essentially, Aroxcapital will send you alerts about certain stock or assets dropping or potential profitable opportunities.

This feature will also alert you about any significant price drops in assets like cryptocurrencies and Forex. Using this information, you will surely be able to get an edge over all of the other traders who are looking to get the best out of their experience.

Their news alerts also feature a separate section about market reviews, which you will receive daily. These market reviews give predictions about certain popular assets. It will cover what might go down, and what might rise significantly.  

By using their news and price alerts you will be able to make better decisions. Of course, it is completely up to you if you want to invest in these options or not. But if you do, know that experts are saying that it might rise, so they might be on to something.

Great Customer Service

Another great thing about using Aroxcapital to trade is that they have great customer service. In fact, their customer service is considerably better than most other companies in the industry. Most companies think that they can simply make it by without needing to develop proper customer service.

Without proper ways for customers to contact companies, it can ruin what could otherwise be a very good experience. It is not hard to find customers being very upset with a company over how they treat them.

Fortunately, yiou don’t have to deal with something like that. Aroxcapital offers a dedicated customer hotline along with an email that customers can use to contact them. You will find that they answer fairly quickly and are generally working hard to ensure there is no hiccup in your trading experience.

Take Your Trading Journey Slow

Starting your trading journey is very much like starting your first day at college. You don’t know what everything is or how it works, but with time it all comes to you naturally. The important thing to remember is that you don’t have t rush anything and sustain a major loss. Instead, learn the basics and slowly take advantage of everything that Aroxcapital offers.

All in all, Aroxcapital is a great webtrader that ensures you will have a good trading experience. Their multitude of features ensures that you will trade at your best always. More importantly, with the assets that they offer you can greatly diversify your portfolio.

Aroxcapital9.1 / 10Trade Now

Aroxcapital Broker Rating
Aroxcapital is a great webtrader that ensures you will have a good trading experience. Their multitude of features ensures that you will trade at your best always. More importantly, with the assets that they offer you can greatly diversify your portfolio. Keep reading to learn more.
Account Types
Trading Speed
Customer Service

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