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Artfi CEO Threatens to Sue Yuga Labs Alleging Suffering Eye Injuries During ApeFest

Yuga Labs is facing legal action from a Bored Ape non fungible token (NFT) holder alleging suffering facial burns and an eye infection following his attendance at the ApeFest held in Hong Kong last week. 

ApeFest Attendees Suffer Eye Injuries and Facial Burns

Art technology firm Artfi chief executive Asif Kamal confirmed serving legal notice to the Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) creator Yuga Labs for using UV lights that reportedly caused eye pain and facial burns after the ApeFest.

Kamal’s move to serve legal notice follows complaints by ApeFest attendees they were suffering eye injuries. The victims allege the event organizers were negligent of improper lighting at the festival’s venue.

Kamal indicated that he neither seeks the Ape’sApe’s prices to plunge nor does he seek the BAYC community and Yuga labs suffering. Also, he distanced from harboring the objective to have supporters of the Web3 systems suffer. However, he asserted that neglecting the effect on the attendees was offensive to the victims.


 The ApeFest attendees acknowledged suffering severe eye pain. Yuga Labs acknowledged the complaints in a Monday, November 6 update that revealed it was investigating the situation. 

Twitter Users Hypothesize ApeFest Venue Lightning as UV-C Bulbs

Twitter users expressed concerns and questioned the event organizers for the injurious lighting. The majority hypothesized that the venue organizers utilized the UV-C bulbs typically utilized in disinfecting. The users fault Yuga Labs since they negligently failed to mind the attendees’ wellbeing rather than use backlights to light the three-day event.

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 Kamal recalled his uncomfortable experience in the brief trip to Hong Kong’s Queen Elizabeth Hospital. He confessed the experience was frustrating, thus signaling the legal notice amounts to a first step in suing Yuga Labs. 

Kamal profiled the feeling as helpless as the medical staff utilized a device fasted to the face to flush the eyes with a cold solution. Artfi’s CEO indicated that he felt blind for several hours, thus admitting vulnerability caused by negligent lighting. 

The Monday, November 6 statement by Yuga Labs estimated that less than 1% of the 2250 attendees in Hong Kong’s ApeFest suffered symptoms of eye-related issues. The firm encouraged individuals who experienced similar symptoms to exercise precaution by seeking medical attention. 

Mind Human Safety in Yuga Labs’ Events

A random check on the thirty-three-year-old chief executive had him donning the Mar Jacob shades on Wednesday. Besides, the photos shared from the social media account show a patch of skin peeling from his forehead.

Kamal has since then admitted improvement, though still to regain 100% well-being. He reported still battling a hazy vision with small darts feeling within the eye corner. 

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Prior to attending Hong Kong’s ApeFest annual festival, he admitted to owning a Mutant Ape. He illustrated that he purchased the $60000 Bored Ape in the presence of BAYC co-founder Greg Solano to support the community. 

Kamal challenges Yuga Labs to mind human safety in the subsequent events. The firm also behind Mutant Ape Yacht Club NFT is yet to offer conclusive measures undertaken in regards to the complaints.  Kamal indicated knowing two victims who portrayed similar symptoms post the ApeFest. He is optimistic that Yuga would deploy safety precautions in its events. 

Kamal declared that firms should not neglect human safety, particularly when the individuals who constituted the community supported the course that generated billions of dollars. He poked fun at the event, though ApeFest has humans attending. 

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