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Atari Founder Optimistic Web3 Games Bolstering Virtual Ownership and Education 

Pong inventor who is the Atari founder Nolan Bushnell portrayed optimism in Web3 games dictating the future virtual worlds. The executive who pioneered commercially successful video gaming considers Web3-based games as likely to trigger ownership within the virtual worlds. 

In his Friday, August 25 address at the Digital Entertainment Leadership Forum held in Hong Kong, Bushnell considered Web3 games as gradually emerging as the preferred choice whose influence would spread to the future.

Animoca Executive Labeled Web3 Gaming Grandfather

The Atari executive appeared alongside Animoca Brands co-founder Yat Siu in the session moderated by Chiron Group managing executive Sean Hung. Bushnell labeled Yat Siu the reigning gaming grandfather and lauded the Web3 games ecosystem. Web3 games can extend the ownership concept into the digital space.


Bushnell observes that Web3-based games would continually resemble the factors characterizing life. He added that Web3, founded upon blockchains, can transmit ownership to the virtual landscape. 

The Atari founder’s pronouncement is unsurprising considering his involvement in Web3 gaming firm Moxy as the chief knowledge executive. He opened the panel by echoing topline details of the conversation with Siu several days before the forum. The executive confessed feeling gobsmacked by the conversation he considers as changing the brain. 

Web3 Potential to Monetize Gameplay

Although Bushnell delved into the prior prediction of a world welcoming self-driving cars, he likened the breakthrough to Web3, defining the future mobile gaming studio. Siu indicated that Web3 games have the economic potential to monetize gameplay, particularly as games are ingrained in everyday human life. 

Siu acknowledges that the Web3 gaming world has already witnessed the monetizing bit. He indicated that Web3 gaming can reward players for time spent in the games.

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Siu lauded the gaming ecosystem as one that has undergone massive transformation. He confesses that the gaming sector quickly ditches the player versus environment context. Such arises when gamers face off against the non-player characters (NPCs). Today’s gaming context displays a multiplayer contest, as witnessed in the Minecraft and Roblox games. 

Siu welcomed the transition to multiplayer contest as one that made visiting Fortnite to play against self and non-human characters unnecessary. He indicated that current users are facing off against fellow players. He affirmed that the players constitute the content, with the only shortcoming being the failure to compensate for their engagement. 

Web3 Game Gradually ELiminating Non-human Actors by Advancing Multiplayer Segment

Bushnell considers the biggest promise offered by the Web3 games is the blend of blockchain’s immutability and know-your-customer (KYC). The resulting integration guarantees that players involved in the online games are humans and neither bots nor bad actors. 

Bushnell predicted that games would become an essential element of the modern classroom. Its integration in the learning context would feature via storytelling and simulation. Although play to earn portrays several faults, Web3 game developers can make such a context more sustainable. 

He considers that the positives attributed to Web3 games have already been adopted. However, Siu illustrates that several issues arose following the proliferation of blockchain gaming. 

Extreme Capitalism in Web3 Gaming a Blessing and Curse

The Animoca executive considers introducing blockchain technology and Web3 to any sector, including the gaming ecosystem scales capitalism. 

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Siu stated that the challenges witnessed in the past 12 to 18 months characterizing the Web3 games extend beyond becoming the capitalist to the studio developing them. He added that the capitalist challenge extends to each participant in the game. 

Siu decried that financializing games caused apparent toxicity within play-to-earn games such as the Axie Infinity. Although the financialization process is riddled with multiple flaws, the inherent capitalist element has the potential to assist young players in advancing their financial knowledge.

Animoca executive indicates that the world’s potential to become financially literate via Web3 gaming is a game-changer experience. Instilling financial knowledge to the young players is invaluable as it would make the world safer.

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