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Bank Crisis Is Driving Demand For Bitcoin – MicroStrategy Founder

MicroStrategy founder Michael Saylor revealed that the waning trust in the current monetary system is causing a surge in the popularity of “commodity monies” like gold and Bitcoin. Saylor further explained that this loss of confidence in the traditional currency drives people to seek alternative forms of value not subject to the same economic and political forces that affect fiat currencies.

The Alternative To Fiat

Commodity monies like gold and Bitcoin offer stability and security not found in traditional currency, making them an attractive option for investors and individuals looking to hedge against economic uncertainty. Saylor noted that by embracing these alternative forms of value, people are taking control of their financial futures and exploring new economic exchange and investment possibilities.

In a recent interview on a popular talk show, Saylor noted that Bitcoin is increasingly gaining the attention of “smart money” investors seeking a reliable store of value amid the current currency and banking disaster. According to Saylor, the loss of confidence in fiat currency and the traditional banking system contributes to the decline of money as we know it.

This loss of faith is not limited to countries like Venezuela and Argentina, experiencing acute economic crises. Instead, it is a global phenomenon affecting even developed countries like the United States and Western Europe.

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As people lose faith in the stability and reliability of traditional currency, they are turning to alternative forms of value that offer more security and protection against economic volatility. Bitcoin and other digital assets are increasingly considered a potential solutions to these concerns.

The Death Of Traditional Money

In addition, Saylor emphasized that when faith in traditional currency erodes, individuals consider alternative forms of value, such as commodity-based currencies. People have lost confidence in the banking system.

They cannot conduct cross-border transactions and are seeing the value of their currency decline over time. It is non-negotiable that they will seek more stable forms of value that are not subject to these limits.

According to Saylor, Bitcoin possesses unique qualities that make it superior commodity money to traditional commodities like gold. Other forms of commodity money have inherent limitations, such as being slow, costly to maintain, physical, fragile, non-fungible, and having high transaction fees.


Saylor further said as the world searches for a solution to the commodity money dilemma, Bitcoin stands out as the superior choice. It surpasses all other physical commodities due to its digital nature, which allows for convenient portability and accessibility.

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One could carry Bitcoin in their hand, a feat that would be impossible with physical commodities like oil or gold. The former MicroStrategy CEO noted that Bitcoin’s scarcity also makes it superior to other commodities.

Bitcoin’s limited supply ensures that the cryptocurrency cannot be devalued through inflation or oversupply, making it an attractive store of value for investors seeking a hedge against inflation.

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