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Best Crypto Cashback Reward Apps You Can Use

You know that you can use crypto to buy things online, but what you may not know is that you can get rewards for shopping with crypto as well. Crypto cashback reward apps make this possible by rewarding you with crypto or giving you discounts when you shop using cryptocurrencies.

While crypto cashback apps are a relatively new concept, they are becoming increasingly popular because of how rewarding they can be. They have many benefits, one of which is that you can use them to earn extra income in form of digital goods. This saves you from inflation that ravages fiat currencies.

If you’re yet to enter the crypto space, this is also an easy gateway for you into the space. You won’t have to buy crypto with your money to own it if you use these cashback apps. The complexities of crypto can be intimidating, so earning it quitely is a good idea.

They are also an easy window for crypto enhancing crypto adoption. As more non-crypto people enter the crypto space through it, cryptocurrencies are directly getting wider adoption on autopilot. There are many of these apps out there, but here are some of the best you can use to get started.



This is a cashback rewards app that operates like a non-crypto desktop rewards apps like Honey. By simply installing the plugin as an extension browser, you can browse through various categories of stores for which Lolli offers incentives.

After you purchase and complete the checkout process, using the plugin, you can earn up to 10% cashback on your purchases in bitcoin. It is supported by several digital stores with different cashback on purchses. These stores include Macy’s, TopShop, Sears, Rag & Bone.

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Anyone even as a complete beginner can use LOLLI because of its simple design which makes it easy to install on your browser and start using. No complex coding or tech knowledge is required to use this app that can bring you much reward.


Pei is an automatic cashback app that rewards users in bitcoin. It is a mobile app with a payment system that resembles that of MoneyBox, so if you’re one who prefers mobile apps, this is for you. Once you make a purchase with a linked card, the app provides instant cash back in bitcoin.

You can simply download the free app for your Android or iOS device. Just register and add your preferred card and you’re good to go. You start earning secondary discounts from your payments. You can choose to receive your payments in fiat or bitcoin.

There are many apps such as Lyft and UberEats that you can use to earn extra income, but sets itself apart by allowing you to earn in crypto by completing a range of tasks. This may include answering questionnaires, participating in studies, or responding to specific emails.

You’ll earn some bitcoin for completing each task, which means you can earn decent amount of bitcoin if you invest a good amount of time. You are expected to create a public profile, but you can post messages and tasks without revealing true personal details. Bitcoin rewards are paid into your Bitcoin wallet or Coinbase account once you complete a task.

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BitcoinRewards sounds like an app that only rewards in bitcoin, but it is far from it. You earn rewards on this app in different cryptocurrencies. You start earning rewards by simply linking your crypto account and wallet and then shopping on a wide variety of stores.

Stores include home decor, high fashion, travel, and beauty products. Cashback varies by store, from 1.6% for stores such as Game to 16% for online education platform, Udemy.


These are just few of the many crypto cashback reward apps you can use to earn some crypto, whether you’re an absolute beginner in crypto or you’re more experienced. They are all very simple and easy to use, so simply access the apps and start earning crypto rewards today.

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