Best Crypto Trading Signals Providers in 2023

Trading cryptocurrencies can be rewarding, but it is also a challenging venture. To trade profitably, you’ll need many years of trading experience, which many don’t have time to do. Therefore, they keep guessing and hoping to win in trades.

It is by no means impossible to have few wins here and there regardless of your level of trading experience. However, to increase your chances of winning – without putting in the time, you can rely on crypto trading signals providers.

These are groups that provide suggestions on when to buy or sell a crypto asset at a particular price and time, based on certain indicators they use. You can get the signals from professional traders who create them manually, or using trading algorithms and bots which generate them automatically.

You’ll only need to follow the provided instructions when using trading signals, and the system will control your profits and losses, greatly reducing your responsibilities in the trades. If this sounds good to you, here are some of the best free and paid crypto trading signal providers you can use for your trades.


Fat Pig Signals

This is a group of crypto enthusiasts that came together to create a Telegram group in 2017. The group gradually evolved to become a crypto trading signals channel with nearly 50,000 subscribers currently.

You’ll have access to market updates and a few selected signals from the paid VIP service which you can opt for to receive more signals and make more. You’ll get altcoin trading signals across major exchanges, portfolio strategy, including composition and rebalancing etc.


CoinCodeCap was founded in 2020 by crypto enthusiasts from Coinmonks and CoinCodeCap news. If you’re a beginner trader, this is particularly suitable for you, because you can ask questions and interact with other members.

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It is also a transparent premium support group that provides 24/7 assistance to group members. You’ll get four weekly signals, regular market updates and trade education with the free channel.

However with the paid channel, you’ll get Spot and futures signals for scalping, NFT signals, and on-demand trade analysis and fundamental analysis.
Binance Killers

Binance Killers is one of the most respected crypto signals groups because of its high accuracy and reliability. The group has over 160,000 members, and is known particularly for its altcoin signals, making it the best for altcoin traders.

Using advanced predictive models and market analysis techniques, Binance Killers gives data-backed signals that make it stand out from the crowd. The group is backed by a group of experienced traders and analysts, giving its members highly accurate signals.

In addition to signals, you’ll also find valuable educational content on trading strategies, risk management and market updates that you can use to develop your own trading strategies.

Bitcoin Bullets

If you are more interested in trading Bitcoin, this group is for you. It is a group highly specialized in Bitcoin trading, and provides a laser-focused approach to trading the number once crypto asset.

Because of the specificity of their signals, the group gives clear and unambiguous signals that help members to nail trades. The group is made up of enthusiasts and analysts with extensive experience and an extensive understanding of the Bitcoin market, who use their experience to provide insightful, timely and accurate trading signals.

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You’ll receive real-time updates on Bitcoin price movements, as well as market news and events that could influence Bitcoin’s price to help you make the best trading decisions.

Crypto Bull

This group offers its members crypto trading information for traders of all experience levels. You’ll get access to reliable and timely trading signals, in-depth market analysis and valuable educational content.

What sets this group apart is the fact that their signals are customizable, which means you won’t have to keep monitoring the market. The group of experienced crypto traders and analysts use both technical and fundamental analysis along with advanced predictive models to generate high-quality trading signals.

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