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Biden Targeting AI Deepfakes, Urges Enforcement for Stronger Privacy Laws

President Joe Biden’s Thursday evening speech during the State of the Union address supported the regulation of artificial intelligence (AI). The President reiterated the need to impose a ban on AI voice impersonations. 

President Biden urged America to do more to resolve the risks inherent in unchecked artificial intelligence. The President affirmed a notable stride to establish policy priorities advocating for enhanced privacy laws and penalties for drug traffickers.

Biden Supports Bipartisan Bills and Ban on AI-Generated Robocalls

Biden confirmed signing over 400 bipartisan bills, though he admits the insufficiency in resolving the underlying challenge. The President informed the joint Congress session of the need to strengthen penalties on fentanyl trafficking.

President Biden urged the joint session to pass bipartisan privacy legislation to safeguard the children online. He urged harnessing AI potential while protecting humanity from inherent risks and prohibiting AI voice impersonation.


The criticism for AI deepfakes was anticipated given that the President’s voice was faked using AI-aided deepfake robocall targeting voters from New Hampshire. Scrutiny of the incident led to Lingo Telecom suffering a cease and desist order as the entity behind the deepfake. The US Federal Communications Commission issued a subsequent ban prohibiting the usage of AI in robocalls as a precaution as the 2024 election garners pace. 

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The FCC observed that the robocall surge portrays escalated usage in the past years. The escalation subjects individuals to potential confusion and misinformation as the initiators imitate celebrities’ voices, relatives, and political candidates. 

The Biden Administration deploys a consistent approach to overcome AI-generated deepfakes. The journey traces to last year when the White House convened an assembly of leading developers of generative AI. The assembly saw OpenAI, Microsoft, Nvidia, Hugging Face, IBM, Google, and Meta participate in the deliberations. The meeting saw Amazon, Inflection, and Anthropic pledge to advance responsible AI development. 

Biden and Trump Urges Responsible AI Development, Supporting Ban on DeepFake

The Biden Administration indicated in February of this year that it would leverage watermarking and cryptography to avert political disinformation. In a subsequent move, the administration would unveil the AI Safety Institute Consortium in February, bringing key participants, including Apple, Nvidia, Google, Amazon, OpenAI, Microsoft, and Anthropic.

Biden echoes the prevailing criticism of AI advanced by primary opponents in the forthcoming 2024 presidential election. In an early February interview with Fox Business, the latter labeled AI scary. 

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The criticism of generative AI extends to the religious space, with Pope Francis speaking against it. The Pontiff fell victim to the AI-generated deepfake images. 

The Pope urged responsible management of the rapid tech transformations to safeguard fundamental human rights. The Pontiff urged compliance with institutions and laws promoting integral human development. 

The Pope affirmed in the January sermon that AI should optimize human potential and not lodge competition. 

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