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Bit-Finance Review – Is Bit-Finance Scam or Legit?

Bit-Finance Broker Rating
Account Types9.3
Trading Speed9.5
Customer Service9.2
Read our Bit-Finance review and learn why we recommend this broker for online trading and why it is not a scam, learn all you need to know in this Bit-Finance review before you sign up with the broker.

Bit-Finance Review

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You can become a successful trader and make online trading a full-time career, but only if you choose the right trading platform. Despite the ease that online trading platforms provide to traders, you should choose the trading platform very carefully. It is not mandatory that every trading platform will be good for you. There may be some trading platforms that are difficult for inexperienced traders to use, while some would not be as per your requirements.

The issue is that, with so many traders on the market, there must be enough brokers that accommodate them as well. However, because there are so many traders and every one is unique, so this has been a significant burden for brokers. That’s why new brokers were launched to the market regularly. Brokers operate solely and provide services for traders and to assist them in performing well throughout the market. However, with the rush of traders and brokers, selecting one broker that appears to possess all of the necessary attributes has become quite challenging. So a trader requires an expert broker who can give them a great trading platform and various additional services.

Now comes the tricky part: where will people locate a broker who possesses all of these attributes? One of these brokerage firms that provide the most outstanding services is Bit-Finance and, to gain a better understanding of the company, we will discuss its most popular features in this Bit-Finance review.

One thing people must keep in mind at all times is that whenever it comes to selecting a broker, you must exercise extreme caution, which entails paying close attention to every detail. Don’t be deceived by a large number of brokers on the market; not all of them have the traits you seek. The reason why people should be more careful is that people don’t want to start trading with a dishonest broker who has bad intentions. That is why there have been numerous instances where traders have been irresponsible and have failed to conduct sufficient research. As a result, they chose a broker who was neither authentic nor legitimate, and they ultimately lost most of their money.

The second factor that most traders are concerned about is whether or not the broker will keep its promises. So, what does a broker make assurances? When traders look for a good broker, they usually interact with them first when they sell themselves. It means that the broker promises to provide specific features and services to persuade and win over traders. Some brokers utilize this method to entice traders, but they are merely pretending. At the same time, some traders fall into this trap and cannot distinguish between a legitimate and a phone broker.

As a result, you must exercise extreme caution and select a platform that will assist you rather than make trading more difficult. Who better to help than Bit-Finance? This broker has proven to be trustworthy and professional, and I believe those two qualities are an excellent place to start this evaluation. Following that, I’ll go through some more details regarding Bit-Finance. So you can decide whether or not the broker is right for you.

Bit-Finance website

Today, I’m going to introduce you to Bit-Finance, which is also on my list of trustworthy brokers. The review below provides extensive information about the broker.

About Bit-Finance

Bit-finance is an international brokerage firm founded in April 2019 and formally registered in the United Kingdom. The organization has direct contracts with expert traders and miners worldwide, ensuring the highest service and daily profit distribution to investors.

According to Bit-finance, cryptocurrencies are transforming the fundamental structure of our economy and banking institutions and how Bit-finance connects and engages as human beings. Traders and investors have access to reliable tools through Bit-finance desktop, web, and mobile platforms, helping to level the playing field in the competitive world of trading and investing. Bit-finance has more than 30 years of industry experience and can provide you with the tools and support you require.

Bit-Finance has established itself as a premier online trading platform, with a comprehensive choice of assets, trading styles, and order executions. Bit- finance’s mission is to provide their clients with a fast, secure, and enjoyable trading experience so that they can focus on making intelligent transactions and generating potential profits. Their customers are their top priority. Bit-Finance’s team comprises expert Account Relationship Managers who answer their clients’ inquiries and give excellent customer service.

Cutting-edge Trading Platforms

Individuals and institutional users can trade Forex and CFDs online with Bit- Finance’s trading software and tools. Bit-Finance has carefully designed account criteria that best suit their clients’ needs at all levels of investment size. Industry professionals built their Strategy Center to offer their customers all of the information they need to make the best investment decisions possible. There’s always something new to learn with frequently updated content for every expertise level. Their Strategy Center can assist you in developing strategies and approaches, providing people with the abilities necessary to become successful traders. All of this, combined with their cutting-edge trading platforms, which deliver near-instant execution, as well as their regularly updated Strategy Center and market news, give their customers all the tools they need to achieve their trading objectives.

You may trade practically every major underlying asset from all over the world and profit from price fluctuations in “Forex, Commodities, Indexes, Cryptocurrencies, and Shares,” whether they are rising or falling. Here are some of the attributes of the trading platform offered by this brokerage firm.

  • There is no need to download anything because this is a website-based trading platform.
  • Trading is a simple and intuitive procedure.
  • A wide range of investment options
  • Assets from all across the world
  • Extensive education resources
  • Deposits are easy and quick, and withdrawals are fast and safe.

Algo Trading  

Algo trading is without a doubt one of the most excellent features of the Bit-Finance trading platform. You may significantly simplify your trading by utilizing this option. You use computer software to trade on your behalf with these features. As a trader, your job is to give trading instructions to the computer programmer, analyzing and executing transactions for you. The advantage is that you can save a lot of time that you can put towards other things.

Besides saving time, the Bit-Finance Algo trading tool allows people to execute transactions because the algorithm is lightning quickly. As a result, you’ll be able to make quick gains in less time, which is ultimately what everyone desires. You can, of course, trade manually, but your speed will be slower than computer software!

Device Accessibility

This Bit-Finance platform is fully functional on all of today’s most prevalent devices. It is straightforward because you may use any device you desire, whether a smartphone, laptop, desktop, or tablet. You will have a fantastic trading experience regardless of which gadget you choose. You can also switch devices according to your preferences. It means it’s entirely up to you whether you want to trade in the morning on your phone or in the evening on your laptop!

Another thing to keep in mind is that the Bit-Finance user interface is quite user-friendly, and even a rookie trader can use it with ease. If you run into any problems, the Bit-Finance customer care team will always help you solve your problems.

Bit-Finance Education

You will never meet two identical traders, and this is since traders differ in numerous ways. Some are new, while others are seasoned, and this determines their specific requirements and desires. When you glance around the market, you’ll notice that many traders don’t have any expertise or knowledge. For this reason, education is so important, so you must establish a trading education center.

Many people believe that education is exclusively for inexperienced traders and those who have little knowledge of trading, but this is not the case. Yes, inexperienced traders want assistance, and they must educate themselves and study to trade appropriately. However, Bit-Finance believes that to make the most money, it must also educate you on trade things. It simply shows that extra knowledge will not assist even if you have experience, so you should not overlook yourself.

During the education process, you will encounter numerous brokers who do not attempt to establish an education system and seek to profit from traders. It is how a platform takes money from traders and deceives them. So, suppose you are brand new to the profession and have never had the opportunity to study everything there is to know about trading. In that case, your trading career will suffer because you will be missing out on crucial information as well as some fantastic trading tactics.

The best part is that Bit-Finance offers precisely the kind of instruction that every trader requires. It is an educational program that ensures that traders with no prior experience or expertise learn all of the fundamentals of trading. However, it also provides that experienced traders learn more trading methods and how to use complex tools, among other things. Bit-Finance also hired highly qualified and experienced account managers to assist in the training of its traders. These account managers have a wealth of experience that aids traders in their careers by making sound decisions. If you’re a seasoned trader who thinks he can skip this section, let me reassure you. If you want to have a successful trading profession, you must keep up with all of the latest trading innovations.


Trading is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. While the concept of “buying cheap and selling high” may appear simple enough, profitable trading is far more complicated than simply buying when the price drops or selling when the price rises. A trader’s education can and should cover a wide range of market circumstances, risk management techniques, and trading styles. In the financial sector, any trader, whether a beginner, an intermediary, or an expert, must have relevant and up-to-date information in many fields and overall market analysis. Bit-Finance has highly qualified account managers who are committed to training, assisting, and supporting people in every way possible. Bit-Finance wants its clients to be successful in their investments and to gain the rewards of this massive market. You can always reach out to your Bit-Finance Account Manager, who will help people along the route to success. There will never be a time when people are alone. Open an account today, and Bit-Finance personal managers will assist you in successfully analyzing and trading.

Accounts offered by Bit-Finance

Basic, gold, silver, and platinum accounts are some of the accounts which are offered by this broker. There are some differences among these accounts, and all of them have different minimum deposit limits. Based on these changes, these accounts have been segregated and offered to the traders.

A person can open a basic account for as low as five hundred dollars. This account is specially designed for traders who have recently joined the trading market. Essential account services like having access to one hundred and fifty trading assets mean that you have a lot of options. The second type of account offered by Bit-Finance is the silver account, which requires traders to deposit $5000 minimum. It has been upgraded from the basic since the number of features has been expanded. Then there is the Gold account which can be opened if you have  $25,000, as this is the minimum requirement. The platinum account is the last account that is offered by Bit-Finance, but this account is not for every trader, which is why you will have to contact the team of Bit-Finance to learn more about it. Although, the platinum account holder will enjoy all of the features offered by Bit-Finance.

It is a personal recommendation that one open an account while considering professionalism and investment limit. If you don’t know the advanced trading skills, then you can even lose your investment.

Trading Instruments

When you choose to trade on the Bit-Finance platform, you have access to a wide range of trading instruments and are free to invest in whatever you wish. Nothing is stopping you from using the Bit-Finance platform as long as you have the necessary funds. Stocks, indices, commodities, and various other trading instruments are among the numerous trading instruments available.

Deposits and Withdrawals

Many brokers overlook the importance of offering traders simple payment options. Whether they do this on purpose or not, it is not good since traders are affected. Payments are an inevitable element of trade, and you’ll have to do them a lot. However, if the platform does not offer the payment option you want, it will only add to the complexity of the trading procedure. Trading necessitates the depositing and withdrawing of funds. It is not voluntary, and traders must deposit funds to conduct transactions, and they must withdraw funds to use or store them.

When a broker makes this procedure challenging for traders by offering only a few payment choices, they are limited to options they may not even be aware of. What would you do if you were a trader who used credit cards for all types of transactions, but the broker you joined up with does not allow credit card deposits? Isn’t it better to choose a broker that will enable many payment alternatives than one requiring you to sign up for another payment method that takes so much time and costs so much money?

If that’s the case, Bit-Finance is the best broker to use because it offers various payment methods. This function allows you to trade without having to worry about making timely or complicated deposits or withdrawals.

Customer Service That Responds

Customer service is critical in the internet age because it establishes the relationship between a firm and its customers. Bit-Finance is one of those brokers that have consistently provided excellent customer service since its inception. They have provided their phone number for immediate assistance. They’ve also listed their support email address, which you can use to send them your questions. You will benefit significantly from prompt and attentive customer care, and you will receive immediate solutions to your difficulties.

Bit-Finance hires support staff who are experts in their fields and take full responsibility for their responsibilities. The company’s primary goal is to relieve consumers of their concerns and troubles that arise during trading. If you have any problems or questions, you should contact Bit-Finance’s customer service team.

Final Words

To conclude, the Bit-Finance online trading platform is a one-of-a-kind and feature-rich trading platform that offers various trading options to everyone. Whether you’re a seasoned trader or just starting, choosing Bit-Finance as your trading partner will ensure that you meet your financial objectives fast. There are numerous brokers on the market who provide services to traders, but I doubt you will find one like Bit-Finance. It is the broker that has worked hard to keep its excellent name and gain the trust of its clients. The most appealing aspect of Bit-Finance is its robust security system. The broker’s primary purpose is to serve its clients and provide them with mental tranquility while they trade. Bit-Finance’s cutting-edge platform and top-notch trading software have won thousands of followers all around the world.

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